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  1. He threw high to Jacob Tamme once, on the bubble route. He made about 3 nice passes to Austin that were right where they needed to be. I'm not saying he was on, but lets take the blinders off for a second and be logical. I was there too.
  2. He's got an offensive coordinator that's brain dead. A head coach to scared to question the game plan. And not enough experience to effectively manage/call the game "a la manning"----meaning, do whatever he wants. We looked like ohio state on offense. 9 passes in the first half? Really? In his first few games he showed he can make the throws, Now the play calling is --- run, run, pass -- run, run, pass -- run, run, run. The only reason Dan completed 7 passes is because we were behind, and forced to pass, and they were playing 10 yards off of every receiver. Curtis made some bonehead
  3. Guys off his rocker. He's got personal vendetta's against about 6 people, and they consume him. Everything he writes centers around these few players. It's too bad, because there are a lot of other good posters on there that offer good info. Dude bans people and verbally thrashes them if they disagree with anything he says. Funny stuff......hard not to read.
  4. nicky6times....curious....why do you use a HS picture of CP 7 for your profile pic? Interesting to say the least.
  5. He can toss the pigskin further than 18, so I'm sure it's exaggerated.
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