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  1. With the week off, it seems the FO has decided the team is fine and will use next man up, but I've been wrong before, Grigson has been aggresive in the market since he has come in, so could be something interesting coming, but what since would it be to give the week off in that case. This team has already battled more injuries then I can remember in a couple years, and keep trucking teams so I feel like we are fine. Ugh, Here's to Reggie though.. Gonna miss him the rest of the year for sure (so will a couple of my fantasy teams that have had a "colt" like injury year too lol)
  2. It already started, we'll start to see the Broncos like we use to see the Patriots because of how they schedule the teams that make the playoffs the previous season. This was just the start of that rivalry, we'll see them again this year. Luck/Manning I was pretty cool, but Luck/Manning II will be for even more rewards. Will the Jags still be in our division when they move out west?
  3. I'm still all for my original plan, but I think we can take this team in the playoffs in the cold Denver Altitude later on with that plan, so now I'm actually leaning towards a barn burning QB duel. With all the hooplah over everything except the actual game, it'd be nice to have Luck come out and score and look magical and put the pressure on PM.
  4. I feel like we are stuck back in 2011 right now.... so you opened the door, Ive been dying for 2 years to post this again lol
  5. Not a shot at all, I think he has been fighting back to the Irsay comments, and this is how he truthfully feels about his and his teamates/coaches legacy they left. He has been fighting back the last couple days and has been pressed. I'm glad for the man, taking a final stand with that statement. No shot, he was stating he is proud of the way they went about things, and what they accomplished. Its a darn shame... The circus in 2 days has tried to tarnish a decade plus of dominance.
  6. Irsay looked and sounded defeated a lil while ago on espn, I need to add one to my list... Time to start believing we can win. Playing a team like this is a chance to test our limits, and see who is coming to play. Win lose or get our Tails whipped, its time to figure out who we are as a team, so we can make it to the playoffs, and I have a feeling we will be seeing this team one more time this year.
  7. You also forgot to mention how pretty Tom looks in his white sweater.
  8. The tide turner or mojo flop for the Broncos is all about that 2nd quarter score in the last 2 minutes and getting the ball back to start the 3rd. If they lose the toss we have a chance there lol, if not We def need to eat clock in the first half and keep it close. Either way manipulate it so we end the first half with the ball, not the Broncos. To beat Manning We all know and seen how, its always the teams that manage the clock and put points on the board. Just because I'm saying manage the clock and eat up time doesn't mean field goals are going to be the answer. We still need 17-21 points in the first half to stay up with this team.
  9. The more we milk the clock, the more PM will be pressed to pass, limit his chances, and test the broncos new oline lineup. Mathis will get a chance to test out basically 2 new OT's.
  10. After the interview is over, the boom mic is still on and you can hear Peyton talking about how good Reggie is to a guy in a black jacket after he already stepped down from the podium, pretty cool.
  11. I heard no reference to any decision of being let go by one man, and I watched the whole interview live. He did say he was fired and unemployed and was glad he has his new job. But he refused to discuss anything about the comments.
  12. This exact argument is going on in about 5 threads.
  13. He kept saying that they are going into play a great team down some players and on the road. translation...he is going to score a lot of points. I also like the fact that he said he was going to miss a couple days of training camp to be at Canton for Marv's Hall of fame.
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