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  1. BIGugly

    If I Were The Colts Gm

    1. Fire Caldwell. He has demonstrated was a POOR head coach in college, and he is a POOR head coach at this level. The players are motivated, of that there is no doubt, but his game preparation, adjustment, and decision making are POOR. 2. Do what you are doing with Manning. March 8 is key date for decision making with regard to his status. If healthy, pay him, play him. If not, have a sit down with him and talk no-nonsense about his future in football. 3. Take Luck, depending on Manning's health. Then either train behind Peyton, play if Peyton not healthy, or trade for a kings ransom. 4. Make EVERY EFFORT to keep the core of players that have brought us this far. Wayne, Mathis for example. 5. New front office has to get invlolved as quickly as possible. Final decision is, of course, yours. Wise counsel is always considered. 6. Assistant Coaches will, of course, want to be selected by new Head Coach. Our current DC is an upgrade over Coyer, but there may be bettter. New staff will need to help in that regard. BIGugly will be happy to counsel these decisions...;-)
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