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  1. Jim Caldwell stunk up the place as a head coach. He is an outstanding OC. We all have our level of compatence. His is OC.....
  2. He said if the pistol was run he was sure he would get a phone call on the side line immediately from Grigs or Jim or both telling him what flight to get out of town.....that's paraphrasing pretty close to his exact quote...
  3. Pep has already been served notice about the Pistol from Mister Pagano. That was done early March. If it does happen,(more than once). I will kiss Wells's bare butt... on the 50 yard line... of LOS... at halftime.... of the Colts game.... of his choice......(Ticket price TBD)
  4. yeah, it is a big deal now. great men see opportunity and make history, lesser men don't even recognize the opportunity....aka Polian.....
  5. a rose is a rose is a rose the Colts are the Colts are the Colts a rogue by any other name is still a rogue the Colts by any other name are still the Colts a rose by any other name would smell as sweet the colts by any other name are still two time SB Champions
  6. Played a little O-line when a kid, before there was dirt or plastic helmets. wow, no plastic, just leather....maybe that explains some things.
  7. Sooo.... if the Green Bay Packers move to L.A. wll they be "The L.A. Green Bay Packers" ? Orrr....does the entire city of Green Bay have to move to L.A. Orrr....does the city of L.A. become Green Bay California Orrr...???? I'm soooo confused. (being facetious here, TRYING to be funny)
  8. The trophy may be there, but the championship is with the Colts....
  9. The Colts are a stand alone entity. NO CITY owns the Colts....
  10. L.A. Ravens...L.A. Ravens...kinda has a ring to it, doesn't it ? How about Indy Orioles? hmmmm...just sayin'....
  11. ok, ok...tell me again why "The Colts" were run out of baltimore.....something to do with an illegal eminent domain suit being filed or such a matter???? or was it because the referendum to build a new stadium was defeated???? or was it because the attendance dropped off (20,000 or a little over) as result of the boycot against the team owner...and the owner was NOT baltimore...??? and since the owner was NOT baltimore, everything the Colts earned....ummmm...let me see.....OH...OH...goes with the COLTS !!!
  12. I'm soooo confused. so when we beat baltimore are we beating .... cleveland .... or ourselves .... or somebody else????
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