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  1. sorry for the delay but you can count me in the fantasy football league

  2. Derrick Henry......second rd Ryan G.......i promise you hes not Trent Richardson, just because hey are both from bama:rock:

    1. Synthetic



      Mark Ingram is from Bama too and he's quite mediocre. 

  3. Mathis/Cole/Newsome sounds like a Pass Rush

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    2. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      call me crazy, i have high hopes for Herron as our rb of the future.

    3. HungarianColtsFan


      I won't call You crazy, but: 1) don't count out Ballard, 2.) IMO Herron has talent, but not as much as a SB-caliber team would need (I hope he proves me wrong).

    4. southwest1


      Yes, I want Ballard to do well too & I have high expectations for Gore too HCF. Frank should be exceptional on blitz pickup protecting Luck & keeping him upright just like Bradshaw used to do.

  4. I'm not sure what's got into our o-line but I like it #physicality

  5. 2 words for ya ZACH KERR!!!

    1. BLUEx40


      hes a beast cannot believe he went undrafted that just shows how deep that draft actually was

    2. Nadine


      if you say it fast it could be one word

  6. 2 words for ya ZACK KERR!!!

  7. With Mathis gone a few games i'm looking at Werner, show me what you got!!!

  8. And here we go with the Mannings not the best talk on ESPN/NFL NETWORK

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    2. ColtsBTM12


      Of course, what do you expect?

    3. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      not watching espn/nfl network for 2 weeks

    4. BrentMc11


      I dislike NFL Network even more than ESPN.

  9. I think we can ride this momentum to the Super Bowl. And if we make it there i'm getting a ticket!

    1. Nadine


      Rich you just reminded me of this

      tangential thinking........it's my special gift

    2. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      send link again it didnt work

  10. Officially ordering my TY Hilton jersey now!

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    2. adamthyst


      That man, the NFL, and the Colts franchise deserve my money after that game.

    3. Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      Gabriel Alexander Morillo

      I've got a Harrison, and Reggie Jersey so far.in my wr collection . Time to add another future Colts great wr to my wardrobe.

    4. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      I have a James and Harrison jersey. Hilton has been ordered!

  11. Colts 30 Chiefs 17 Final Score...I looked at my crystal ball.

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    2. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      Not to mention the 2.5 Sacks Mathis gets in this game

    3. kjyb
    4. AllYouNeedIsLuck


      rogers?!??! 200 yards at least right??

      i kid, i kid

  12. I wonder where the "Fire Pep" posts are? keep throwing pie in their faces PEP!

    1. SilentHill


      Fire pep! ... There are you happy now?

    2. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      nope, need like 5 more people, then maybe lmao

    3. kjyb


      fire pep lol

  13. Have we found a real number 2 WR in Rogers or have i been diving deep into the Jack Daniels on Sundays a bit to much

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    2. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      I'd rather have Jack Daniel's Partner.Jimmy Beam. (George Thorogood song)

    3. T Y Goodbye

      T Y Goodbye

      Before we all jump to conclusions, lets see how Rogersw produces over a period of time. I game is not enough to judge.

    4. Rich Cannon

      Rich Cannon

      you guys are right i'm just excited because this is the first time in a while we have seen some impressive production from the WR position.

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