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  1. August 29 - 8PM - 1AM EST. August 30 - 8PM - 1AM EST.
  2. So Andrew Luck can be a lifetime Fresh 4 Life Team Captain
  3. Well I believe our biggest improvement was the offensive line. Actually drafting a top tier center was a good move. But i'm not in love with our running back situation at all. Frank Gore is almost 50 and who's running behind him? Not to mention our defensive line is guilty until proven innocent in my opinion . Arhtur Jones was our big money signing a few years ago and has only played in 9 games (I Believe) since his tinier here in Indy. One move I did like was drafting Hassan Ridgeway, he should contribute immediately. His stock dropped due to Injury concerns. And how will this new Defensive coordinator call plays? These are just some of my concerns. Oh and by the way Jacksonville and Tennessee are much improved i'm just saying.
  4. can we change it to sometime in August? I will be on vacation in Sep and don't want to auto draft
  5. sorry for the delay but you can count me in the fantasy football league

  6. Derrick Henry......second rd Ryan G.......i promise you hes not Trent Richardson, just because hey are both from bama:rock:

    1. Synthetic



      Mark Ingram is from Bama too and he's quite mediocre. 

  7. Would love to see a real running back paired with Andrew Luck. Colts haven't had a stud in the backfield since Edgerin James
  8. If there was an emoji for the frustration i feel with this team i would've posted it
  9. I'm laughing as I type my response lol. I'm just going to leave a simple "NO" right here. Hasselback for MVP lol.
  10. Bringing him back wouldn't revive the run game so no!
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