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    • There's just no way to know how much Reich impacts the D. Obviously he approves the game plan though. IMO, either both Reich and Flus are conservative, or Reich is impacting Flus to be more conservative. And I just don't think Flus is conservative looking at his entire history. If you look at his days as DC at the college level, I don't see conservative play. 
    • Thanks for filling my stats pail.  I am way too lazy to figure out how to look all that stuff up.   It looks like our receivers are well below league average on seperation this year as I suspected.  This is the post in the discussion that led to my request for the stats dole.     Posted Sunday at 07:56 AM    On 10/23/2020 at 6:26 PM,  EastStreet said:  ?? Separation is average at worst #14), and YAC is almost top 10.      “Can you find WR downfield route separation as opposed to RB behind and near the LOS numbers? I would suspect that our WR separation numbers are very low with old TY, slow Pascal whom I like as a complimentary player by the way, and a bunch of p squad guys.   I think that would give us a better idea of what is going on out there.  It seems oversimplified to just quote overall numbers when many of our passes are to rbs.   Of course these routes are going to have more separation and yacs.   You catch a swing pass out if the backfiels. You are normally open by at least 3 to for yds then have some yac after that.  Probably skews your narrative I would think “
    • I’m a Ravens fan, but still also a Baltimore Colt fan. I had to change with the times also, but the Indy Colts is a fine organization, with their own great history. There are plenty of other things to mutually dislike like Pittsburgh and New England. KC may soon be joining that list. 
    • I have noticed Jim has posted regularly when any Baltimore Colt has passed away, the last couple of years. To know about Orrsville, he must really be studying on the history of the Colts.  Besides the banners , the other split history is Baltimore having the old Baltimore Colts numbers in their Ring of Honor at Raven’s stadium , while they are not in Indy. Indy doesn’t generally give out those retired Baltimore Colt numbers to current Indy Colts , but oddly gave John Mackey’s number to Marvin Harrison. That is no knock on Marvin , as he wore #88 in fine fashion as did Mackey. Just some interesting tidbits. 
    • Also check Jim Harbaughs availability..Time may be rignt to pull that trigger
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