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  1. Andrew Luck is playing pretty well, but the biggest improvement to this team has been coaching. The defense is playing well enough to give Luck and the offense a chance and that's key. Not to mention a hilariously easy schedule in perhaps the worst division in football. I mean, how many years did we watch Peyton score at-will, only to then spend 18 of the next 20 game-time minutes on the sideline? Games would end up closer than they really should have been, and sometimes the other team had the last possession. This team is making very few mistakes right now, which is a sign of good coaching. The Colts are over-achieving a bit, as is Luck, and I suspect a dip in his 2nd season (much like Cam Newton). The 2nd year is always rough once the opposition has a season's worth of film to work with. All in all it's a very pleasant surprise.
  2. Wow. Nice. You could see Sergio thump his own helmet immediately after the catch was made.
  3. This Colts team is just boring to watch. Shame about that pass. Luck will shake it off.
  4. Good looking drive. I wish this offense could do something beyond the 2 minute drill though. It seems like drives are nothing but: incomplete, drop, Luck runs for first. Incomplete, run for 1 yard, incomplete, punt. Then in two minutes we look like any other two minute drill from a competent team. At least we're beating those silly kitties.
  5. Concurrently, there would have been a group doing the same had we kept Manning and finished anywhere short of a Super Bowl. "We should have drafted Luck and moved on...wah wah!!" What I do know, is it's unrealistic to expect Luck to "tear up the league" because that just doesn't happen. It's extremely rare that a QB comes along and does it for an extended period of time. Yes, the passing rules are far friendlier now to QB's than they were when Peyton came into the league, but that doesn't mean anything if this front office and coaches can't give him something to work with. By the way, Manning sliced the Pittsburgh defense tonight after 616 days away from the game. 19/26, 256 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT, and a win. Guess a front line does him some good.
  6. @remedy: Probably impossible, what you propose. This isn't a complacent front office with puppet coaches. Manning also has a good line, good ground game, bigger, more athletic receiving threats, and an already solid defense in place. They will be better than people anticipate, and may become the favorites to win the AFC after a few short weeks.
  7. Newton prefers to throw too. His numbers were among the best in the league, after all, not just rookies. It's just that his ability to run is a PROMINENT threat, whereas defenses will concede a scramble to Luck occasionally if it means containing his passing game.
  8. Right, but Peyton has done more for me as a Colts fan than Luck has. You don't just get support because you were drafted into the uniform.
  9. Manning didn't make his choice. He assumed he was still a Colt until the week Irsay made his announcement. Irsay made that call. If it were up to Manning, he'd still be here.
  10. So if Gavin doesn't care about Peyton Manning, why then is it necessary for him to read and post in every thread about him? That, to me, is the opposite of not caring, and comes off as cynicism towards the folks who wish he (Manning) were still here. It's disingenuous, and the whole "free to post an opinion" argument is often one-sided and hypocritical. If he doesn't care, we know that. If he doesn't care, he shouldn't show the opposite by finding it necessary to post every time Manning's name comes up. That's logical, sensitive to other people, and far less "jerky" than the alternative.
  11. Ack..if he did, I hope Irsay tells him to take a flying leap.
  12. They obviously thought so, and no one can answer that rhetorical question until they've all played for a while anyway.
  13. Elway was thinking, "we went 8-8 and won our division with the worst QB in football...now we have Peyton Manning, and added a few key pieces on both sides of the ball...ftw."
  14. 1. No one said they are without fault. 2. The fact that these guys do it for a living and have more info isn't the SOLE argument. It just means they have more knowledge and experience than even the collective efforts of most message boards. They are, therefore, more qualified. Stop sensationalizing the voices of those in opposition. Do they make mistakes? Absolutely, but I'm sure you make just as many at your job, yet your boss wouldn't trust a nobody off the street to replace you in a bind, right? Fans watch tv, which dramatically limits which teams and players they get to see. A few take to the internet and watch highlight reels on YouTube. That puffs up a talent probably more so than he deserves. They then fill the boards with their expert opinions, all the while SCREAMING at their FO when they didn't take a certain well-known commodity. Courtney Upshaw is a great example. I was on four boards at the same time, and fans on each board were screaming when their turn would come up, and that guy stayed on the board. Reason? Because they knew his name, and thus assumed he would awesome. That's the fan basis: recognition. What they didn't consider is why every team kept passing on him until he landed in Baltimore. These teams with more information, film, and scouts kept letting him pass by. They are right more often than the fans are. That is an indisputable fact. Anything supporting the contrary is delusional. We notice the gaffs so often because those are headline worthy. It's not news to point out that the Vikings drafted Adrian Peterson and he exceeded expectations.
  15. Trying to emulate the Patriots offense is a bad idea. Defenses will figure it out - it has no speed, no outside game, and struggles in the 2:00 drill.
  16. Fleener was a pretty terrible choice, but I guess we're left with nothing at TE anyway. Might as well get a guy who Luck will predictably throw to whenever he can, thus keying NFL defenses to where they can ball hawk. Ravens and Patriots have had really good drafts thus far, and Denver may have gotten a sneaky good DT in Wolfe. Really long arms.
  17. Jenoris Jenkins. NO QUESTION. He's the best player on that list by a country mile. He's had some off-the-field issues, but that's why we got a tough coaching staff, right? The few games he got to play against elite WR's (A.J. Green, among them), he completely shut them down. He's fast, with great athleticism, tight form and technique, and was the 2nd best CB of this class behind Claiborne. If Jenkins somehow falls this far, we would be dumb not to take him. Especially in favor of a tight end.
  18. If he ends up producing in the NFL, it won't matter if he's taken 4th, 34th, or 134th. Position doesn't matter, so long as the guy can produce. If a guy ends up bad in the NFL, he's a wasted pick no matter where he was taken. Think like Bill Walsh, my friend.
  19. Very well said. It's also starting to look as though some may take Fleener in the first anyway.
  20. We won't go offense for the first four picks, that's for sure, and I guarantee you Fleener is out before round 2. Plus, "that can be fixed" isn't exactly a comforting bit of wisdom regarding a MAJOR weakness in his game - especially coming from a fan. People said Dallas Clark could be fixed in that regard, or Donald Brown's ability to pick up the blitz, or TO's deva-like behavior, or Joe Flacco's accuracy. Some things simply can't be fixed. Some guys just don't have it in certain areas. I also see absolutely no resemblance to Gronkowski in terms of play style. I think you are referring to body type alone, which is really an inaccurate measurement of ability. Let's face it: Gronk wouldn't have numbers anywhere near those marks with any other team. He's not a phenom. The Patriots are forced to run that system because they never draft high enough to get good/great WR's, thus they run 3-TE packages all day long. Well, it worked for a year, and good defenses started figuring it out. It was awful against the Ravens, and the Giants finished them off. I would expect the same plan gets them 10-6 next year.
  21. Or like Cam Newton, Michael Vick, Steve Young, Warren Moon, Aaron Rodgers... Those are all QB's who can run. RGIII has always been a pass-first guy. If you think otherwise, you simply haven't watched him. I promise you, he will have a better start to his career than will Andrew Luck. That doesn't mean he will end up more successful, but he will be more ready for the big stage than Luck will be.
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