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Indianapolis Colts


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Colts Vs. Raiders Game Day Thread

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I guess it just came across my IPad

I just looked it up he was a pedestrian that was struck by a vehicle. So sad, such a young kid.

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I'm wondering how Pit only has a safety against TEN.

...and that safety was off the kickoff.  Receiver took the ball in the end zone with one foot in play.  He steps that foot

back into the end zone and takes a knee (or something).  Ref's call it a safety.

Not smart.

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Just don't turn the ball over and we should be alright. Sad thing is, even if we get the win here, this was embarrassing. 

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    • I mean at the end of the day you have to trust your own evaluation. Who cares if he's considered a reach? Mahomes was considered a reach too... Leonard was widely considered a reach. Who cares? Do your own evaluation and if you like the guy get him. And if you don't like him don't take him only because others are supposedly high on him. When it's all said and done Ballard and the front office will be graded on their own evaluations, not on what other 10, 20 or 30 front offices and GMs thought about their moves. 
    • Good signing by Ballard. Good player at a great price. Now sign Geronimo Allison to help our WR group and I will be happy with our off season
    • If anyone wants to move up the draft to #121 pick of Las Vegas Raiders, message me.
    • Leonard and Big Q are Colts... for as long as they can sustain elite performance that their pay will command.    This is the importance of structuring the other deals well and continuing to draft well. If Buckner gets 5 years/ $21 million per, then Q and Leonard are going to stay here as well. I don’t see how Ballard could justify getting rid of them. You want top talent. You find ways to acquire it, and then you pay to retain it. Drafting is essential to proper team building with the cap space.
    • Unitas was the NFL All 50th Anniversary Team QB. Without him and the Colts 58 Overtime Championship on National TV, there probably wouldn’t be an NFL today.  So he was my vote.  Side note- Lenny Moore was also recognized on that team- yet many on here don’t even recognize him in the Colts Top Ten!?!?!?   Most ratings, prior to Brady’s success- rate Montana as by far The Best. I still rate Joe as better than a Brady.   I personally enjoy Peyton as my Favorite Person who had an NFL Career.  Not only innovative and successful, but fun-loving and Charitable.  Archie and Olivia raised a Keeper, for sure!!!
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