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28-16 Colts....going to Baltimore with some momentum!  


Vontae is healthy.......we are 'as healthy' as we have been.....play for 60 minutes and prepare like champions!


Deji karim, Heard....Geathers....Guy..........'Guys' never heard of before December......amazing effort  :colts:  :colts:  :colts:  :colts:  :colts:  :colts:   And CHUCK is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

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This has to be one of the top games in Colts History. After all the adversity, all the changes, Coach fighting back from leukemia, and to win convincingly over the then #1 seed in the AFC in Coach Pagano's return///All I can say is WOW...Everyone stepped up, and played with more heart, passion, and determination that is rarely witnessed... I'm so proud of this team, this organization, and our fans...


Congrats to our beloved Colts!!!...

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Well in my very offseason comments I stated multiple times we would win the division,this year ... We didn't but are 11-5 right where I pegged us to be for this year. We fell just a mere 1 game short of taking the division but what a fun and nail biting year it has been...I'm just glad it's not over yet.

Glad to see Vontae Davis get a few excellent picks today...well you know Schaub has got to have his nerves rattled from today's game and surely that will effect them. They went from first round bye and home field to a wildcard weekend game all in one day...man they must be kicking themselves in the butt on their way back to Houston...

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    • I called guys like Willis a failure because the Colts traded up to get him.  Publicly said they considered taking him in the 3rd round where they took Okereke.   They didn’t get much from him when he played and then he retired early.   Tell played a small amount his rookie year and played well.  Then took the next year off for Covid.  But then came back and was on the practice squad.   Wasn’t even a backup.   Sorry, that’s a failure, not a stretch.   Davis was sent to the PS as a rookie where he was claimed.   Blackman either can’t stay healthy or doesn’t play well enough to make an impact.  Good against the run, poor against the pass and he plays free safety.   Not enough performance for a third round player.     All your other arguments are not related to your original question which was to ask about Ballard’s defensive draft failures.   You asked, I answered.   I didn’t say Ballard had no defensive successes.   
    • Morris,   “The Indianapolis Colts are doing the "unprecedented," as the team is set to go through a third round of interviews for the vacancy at head coach.  But despite the long decision process, Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris remains "one to watch," per Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.   “It seems like some of the candidates did really well," he said on The Rich Eisen Show. “Raheem Morris I’ve heard has done very well. I think that’s certainly one to watch,”
    • Including 4th and 5th round picks as failings is a stretch. It's still early to call Blackman a failure just yet.  How about the players that were hits? How about the ratings of the defense as a whole over the span since 2018? Where was the defense rated on points scored against them? Had we had just an average offense there would have been a substantial amount of more wins. 
    • Just in, An unnamed source from the Indiana Farm Bureau on W. 56th street has strongly suggested on the condition of anonymity, that Yao Sujie the Chinese National Olympic Handball Coach is now the clear dark horse front runner for the vacant head coaching position of the Indianapolis Colts.  
    • The defensive failures would be these….   2018: 2nd R: Turay. DE 2nd R:  Lewis. DE   2019:  2nd R:  Benogu.   DE 4th R:   Willis       SS 5th R:   Tell.         CB   2020:   Blackman. FS   2021:   Davis.       DB   NOTE:   I didn’t include 2017 in this.  The Colts first three picks were all defense.  None have developed.   
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