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Colts Vs. Rams Preseason Game Day Thread

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OK....Dominique Jones has to this point outplayed Andre Smith. He has hustled on special teams, blocked...and nice catch!! Dude has some guns.

Nice recovery by Smith...Nice drive by Stanton...Brazill can play!!! All we have heard is true!!

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That makes sense, as its local, NFL channel will rebroadcast by u maybe if u want to see again but will be plenty of highlights shown

Peytons first pass was a crossing route hitting Harrison who also took it in eerily similar

all in all Quite impressive play and the young receivers guys played well , Cosv by, TY hiton and Like luck making a quick call and rush a play as announcers on NFL network said he may have been bobbling it and went out of bounds

Collie looks healthy , thats great , Young receivers and RB ballard all looking good and all can grow together with Luck so will have chemistry for long time and collie still young

Good awareness in the pocket and good command & accuracy <Excellent play

& Carter looked great on short yardage thats what we got him for, I also like RB moore as a pickup as Arians knows how to use him

Yong team that will grow well together and once all mature look out and if we get a good draft pick next year I am sure we will use draft correctly, Dont think Grigson / Pagano will pick someone for the next coach to change system and use properly ala Hughes today

& how about are backups just moving down the field now in 14 play TD drive


Am taping it, must be off, Best to all

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Anyone else loving te blitzes we are sending? Not only are we blitzing, but it's effective too

That is something I never thought we would see from the Colts. Brazill at receiver, Hughes, and the rest of the for that matter has been a pleasant surprise... Now even Mr. Irrelevant has thrown a touchdown.

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Mr. Irrelevant for the TD! Harnish threw a TD pass in his first offensive series in the NFL! All three of the Colts QB's led the offense for touchdowns today!

TVnnouncers are also referring LOS as Luck-us Oil Stadium...

Luck-us Oil Stadium - the house that Peyton built...best of both worlds?

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we sill need to remember before we get all giddy that this is just the 1st preseason game but overall good play overall by the Colts

Agreed, but to see every man playing hard is a testimony to the teaching and coaching by this Colt's staff....impressive to see a killer instinct...and zero conservatism on defense....and huge hits on special teams.

This preseason game we have been more aggressive than I have seen....EVER....these guys are hitting and having fun.....not a surprise to me!!! Pagano has been so positive. :)

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    • Tampa has been low key collecting a great overall team. There's a reason they're the champs, they just needed that lift from the QB. Can they sustain it for next year? There's a pretty good chance. 
    • He'll get more than that. 
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