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  1. Really disappointed with the oline in this game. Luck will suffer another serious injury this season if they don't improve
  2. I'm not liking the penalties we've conceded so far. However Luck is doing well and I like what I see from Chester Rodgers so far. Disappointed with the fumble though
  3. Cardinals trade a conditional late pick to Eagles for Matt Barkely That looks good for Tebow now, he could end up being kept on the 53 man roster in Philly. The Niners have cut former Colt, Phillip Wheeler.
  4. Shocked by this but thankfully the doctor thinks this is treatable. I hope Pagano makes a full recovery and we have him back on the sidelines sooner rather than later.
  5. Aaron Francisco and Tom Brandstater were also cut today.
  6. David Gilreath was cut by the Steelers today.
  7. Oh wow, what a play. I thought he was going to get sacked when I saw the blitz.
  8. Comparing the NFL to soccer is still ridiculous. There's far more pro leagues and players in soccer than there ever will be in American football. PED's are possible alright. I wonder how many of them would have had pre-existing health issues as well which were missed in a medical for example. The heavy exercise in a pro sport such as soccer could have easily made their conditions much worse. This as well. There was a player in England recently who had a lucky escape in the middle of march, Fabrice Muamba. He collapsed playing in the FA cup and his heart stopped for 78 minutes. Lucky fo
  9. Antonio Allen just got drafted by the Jets.
  10. aaah, can't believe the Pats got Dennard. I hope we get Minniefield now, we need to draft a CB badly.
  11. The Saints have gotten what they deserve for this, intentionally injuring another player is inexcusable IMO. I just hope they don't decide to let William back coaching in the NFL EVER again.
  12. He's getting $17.5 million over three years: http://blogs.nfl.com/2012/03/13/wayne-returns-to-colts-on-three-year-contract/?module=HP11_headline_stack
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