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2023 NFL Draft -- April 27th to April 29


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FWIW I remember reading somewhere where some colts members and players thought a change in coaching was all it would take and that we had some of the right players in-house to recapture former glory



im Not sure I personally believe that. But I do think sparano jr worked wonders for Andrew Thomas who went from being called a bust to a top-5 OT under him in NY


so I have higher hopes than most



i still would like to add some interior OL guys post draft like most of us would


but we shall see 

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4 minutes ago, Jared Cisneros said:

Fisher or Ekiyor to finish the draft off!


Fisher from Shepherd?


He is Lance Zeirlein's top undrafted player. (This phone is awful; so many spelling and grammatical errors.)


I want the Vikes to pursue McClendon Curtis out of Univ of Tenn at Chattanooga as an UDFA.


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