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1st 2022 Colt Mock Draft

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2) Roger McCreary, CB, Auburn.  Probably the end of the road for Rhodes.  I like how Rock has come along, but Moore and Rodgers are probably best in nickel role.  We need a new potential starter at boundary corner.


3) Isaiah Thomas, DE, Oklahoma.  I doubt we re-up Kemoko, given his injury history.  Would like to see Lewis back, but we've got to keep trying to improve that pass rush.  Another big, lengthy EDGE guy.


4) Dare Rosenthal, OT, Kentucky.  LSU transfer who's stepping up at LT for the Wildcats.  Had off-the-field concerns for LSU, but has all the athletic ability to possibly step in at LT early in his pro career, if he has to.


5) Jerreth Sterns, WR, Western Kentucky.  My draft crush right now.  Extremely productive, after an Uber-productive career at an even lower level of football.  Small, quick slot guy.  We need that, given that Parris can't stay healthy.


5C) Quindell Johnson, S, Memphis.  I have a feeling about this guy.  Should be a good versatile safety, like we like them.  


7) Rachaad White, RB, Arizona St.  I keep waiting for this guy to catch on as a prospect (he's having a great year), but so far I've heard little hype.


7) C.J. Brewer, DT, Coastal Carolina.  Also would be looking at TEs, but I'm fine with sticking with the roster and PS guys we have right now.


7C) Justin Rice, LB, Utah St.  Sideline-to-sideline run stuffer.  Not the most athletic guy, but extremely smart and football intelligent.


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That's the puzzle, isn't it?

Roger McCreary, Kaiir Elam, or Trent McDuffie.

They're all right there in the late 1st to mid 2nd range.

Kaiir Elam has the size to play the outside corner, but not the speed to go long.

McCreary has better speed, but not the size to play consistently on the outside.

And then there's McDuffie, who has more talent to play the position than either of them, but also plays smaller than both of them.


There's also the chance that all three of them might be gone by the time we pick, too.

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I like the mock


It could fall that way 


There SHOULD BE, some players at FS and CB that can contribute right away in round 2 and 3


If we came out of this draft with some DB help,  I would be very happy


If we pick up an OL to develop for the future we would also be helped


In the offseason, because of the high importance, we need to spend some of the $$$ on a situational pass rusher


Someone that can rotate in as LDE, then RDE, playing 60-70% of the snaps



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Not a bad draft for positional players listed.  Too many on your list that I haven’t been following TBH.  With the way RYS been playing this season am not sure we need another starting LCB with McCreary but do like Roger a lot.  Two other LCBs am high on besides McCreary are Matt Hankins and Martin Emerson.


Just ran this mock tonight at work.


2) FS Lewis Cine, Georgia – Been reading lately where some think Blackmon should move to SS so this would make sense.  Doubt we can afford a high-end FA FS.  Both Sendejo and Odum have impressed but doubt we resign Sendejo and Odum is also a upcoming FA whom I think has now earned an extension.


3) RCB Coby Bryant, Cincinnati – With both Carrie and Rhodes on the back end of their careers we need to address our DB depth and find our RCB replacement.  Chesley will be a cheap ERFA resign and well deserved given his limited role but Thakaruis (BoPete) Keyes needs to be cut.


4) RB Breece Hall, Iowa State – Still or should say steal on the draft board.  Hall is too good to pass up here and completes our RB group nicely.


5) RCB Kyler Gordon, Washington – Doubling down on CBs as mentioned earlier with the veteran turn-over this offseason that needs addressed.  Both Bryant and Gordon are my two favorite RCBs in this draft class.


5c) DE DeAngelo Malone, Western Kentucky – Also doubt Turray gets resigned and we stick with combinations of Paye, Lewis, AQM, Dayo, and Rochell with Banogu expected to be a FA next off-season if not sooner.  Malone has had a very productive college career and has a strong history of creating turnovers which the Colts prefer.


7) OT Max Mitchell, Louisiana – Whoever the OL coordinator for Louisiana is I am impressed with how well coached his players are including RG O’Cyrus Torrence and Freshman LG AJ Gillie are all playing extremely well.  Mitchell would be an excellent swing tackle at the next level as he started out initially at LT before moving to LG and doing well at RT.  Doubt Davenport gets resigned so expect the Colts to add depth and Mitchell should be high on the Colts’ draft board.


7) FS Bralen Trahan, Louisiana – Trahan earned Second-Team All-SBC Honors with a 90.4 coverage grade which was second-best among FBS safeties last season.  Trahan statically is having a down season and not creating the turnovers but should help add depth and potential to be a competitive stand in similar to Odum as he starts out on ST.


7c) SLB Noah Taylor, Virginia – The Colts always seem to find LBs late in the draft and Taylor would continue that tradition.  Both Franklin and Adams are upcoming FAs with Franklin playing well in limited action so wouldn’t be surprised to see Adams cut and we draft a younger ST replacement.


Assuming the Colts stick with Fisher at LT but wouldn’t be surprised to see them show interest in Saints LT Armstead as potentially an upgrade.  We obviously need a second highly productive wide receiver and hopefully find an upgrade/replacement for Pascal in FA

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On 11/12/2021 at 4:00 PM, sb41champs said:

I don't follow - or - put any stock in "mock drafts" at all.  They are merely one person's opinion.  I have an opinion.  Regrettably - I don't get paid $$$ like these folks do.   LOL


So why would you come comment on a mock draft thread then?! lol

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Nice mock.  The OT class seems to be shaping up better than expected.  A lot of prospects with the lengthy traits and some athleticism that need some development...mid rounders.




Jayln Armon-Davis CB, Bama

Akayleb Evans CB, Mizzou


Yusuf Corker S, KY

Lewis Cines S, UGA

Nick Grant, S, Virginia


The CBs have length and good tackling production and the Ss are said to have deep ball speed and skill.


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