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  1. Sheeze..... I HATE to aggressively disagree with a fellow Colt fan but at OSU, Campbell was largely VERY Healthy His injury bug started here......
  2. Hooker was amazing in college, and could cover tremendous amount of ground After the injury, Hooker never seemed to have the burst that he had at Ohio State He was slated to go earlier than our pick by many of the talking heads.......
  3. How much confidence do you have in the DL you listed to get regular pressure? If Paye shows up and gets a few sacks...... I would feel much better On tape Dayo seems more like a slower LDE and interior rotational piece. I dont see the player on this squad that will get sacks and pressure from the LDE spot
  4. I truly think this is the year (offseason) we pay for a "star" FA DL that can pass rush. I HOPE that Paye and Dayo can bring it, (I even bought a Paye Jersey and I havent bought a specific player Jersey since Coryatt...... Yeah, Im old) BUT..... I think we need to "swat this FLY" with a hammer..... not a flyswatter We cant take a chance on this one..... its too critical for this teams success. We are worried about a rookie QB from a crappy team, torching our defense - RIGHTLY SO If we dont improve dramatically on pass rush, running this defense, we wont be a factor to contend IMHO We dont need shut down corners to run this defense well We do need the DE that can pass rush (And maybe a true play-making safety that doesnt appear to be on this team) I am starting to believe that our offense is rounding out and with some depth on OL, and improved play at LT, we will be ok on that side of the ball Zero pass rush equals doom for this defense.... and this team, come playoff team, let alone the worries about how we are going to do against a team we SHOULD be beating by 3 touchdowns
  5. I would agree at this point.... but what would you give up? He is a FA after this year A 4th? Would the Eagles take a 5th? We will be short a first next year..... I dont get the sense that we would give up any more picks .....
  6. Of course you could actually READ the whole post.... or just quote part of it..... We are short 2 excellent run blocking OL that can actually help the running game...... A great running game takes time off the clock.... which equates to less time on the field for the defense..... your DL isnt gassed at the end of the game And being able to run the ball effectively allows a balanced offense, which almost always equates to scoring more points AND (my final point).... when needed, the DEs needed to put some additional pass rush on the Ravens QB They didnt
  7. "PLAYOFFS??????..... Dont talk about playoffs" "PLAYOFFS???"
  8. I hope you are right NCF If we get our OL healthy and our LT starts to remember how to play like he used to...... it could happen And...... SOMEONE of the many DEs gets more pressure.....
  9. The true shutdown corners are extremely expensive and in this defensive scheme, are a bit wasted. Average CBs that can tackle, can look REALLY good in this defense........ IF.. (a big IF) you have a pass rush If we go to a man scheme, we will have to change several other positions as well The zone , "tampa" style defense CAN work well but you need to invest in a pass rush, and we need a play making safety back there
  10. Agreed We werent a SB team going into the year I feel much more confident that we have found our QB of the future in Wentz .... the guy is very good He didnt lose the game for us If we can fill 2-3 needed positions for next year (and with Rookie development) , as well as staying somewhat healthy we will compete for SB NEXT year We still need 1) Improved DE play 2) Improved LT play 3) Play making safety 4) Better depth on OL 5) Explosiveness at WR Still a Colts fan.......
  11. If you think about it..... A big step to getting and keeping Carson healthy is a solid running attack, I DO think that he will need to change his game a little bit Head first dives are going to get him killed Tweak the game plan, get some OL health, and tell Carson you dont have to turn every 3rd and long into the most life important thing in the world I WANT Carson to be our QB the next 10 years! The guy puts it all out on the field..... a Great leader
  12. Folks I will get some disagreement, but we HAVE our QB of the future on the roster........ Get Wentz some protection and some weapons over the next few years and we will have a very good team Next year, I can see some actual $$ spent on a player or two to to get this roster over the top Maybe a difference maker safety , like Adams.
  13. Interesting thread comments Our QB had almost no camp...... he is looking a bit better every week.... Our OL is in tatters...... Q will be back, Smith will be back..... our OL SHOULD be a bit better TY will be back, Campbell is getting better, Our defense needs to step up the pressure and being consistent game to game against the run, some of this is really being in the right place. The player calling the defense the past few years isnt on the team anymore..... The "new" guy needs to learn a bit more as to what he is seeing, and needing to adjust to. This is a big deal I believe that we will see some improvement on defense as the season moves forward Starting this year, I didnt believe for a moment that we would be in the SB..... maybe a 1 in a million chance We will have to fight to get to .500 Im a little disappointed that we arent doing better, but I will still cheer on my team There arent FA's available today that can com in and make this a SB team.... this year There arent coaches available today that can turn this ship around mid season..... this year Those that want wholesale firing arent going to get it Those that want to slam Reich every game, I get the frustrations..... but he is going to be here for this year and more to come Just my 2 cents......
  14. I would be happy to get a 5th, but expect it might not be as good
  15. As an added note....... for a few years ... the term C-O-L-T-S meant Count On Losing This Sunday Yes... it was a thing
  16. Being a Colts fan for 50 years, I have seen many things I saw the end of the Unitas era I saw the time between that and when Bert Jones brought some excitement to the Colts I also remember when our QB hope was in a guy named HOGEBOOM (sigh) In the 20 Years from 1978 to 1998 we had Just FIVE years where we were better than .500 Those were tough years In the 20 years from 1999 to 2018 we had FIFTEEN years where we were better than .500 Those were the "Salad years" (We should have won 3 or 4 SBs) I imagine that many people on the board, became fans during this latter time period Manning was an AMAZING QB....... but you dont always GET someone like MANNING We still have a good team, but after reading the sky is falling posts, I wonder if the expectations are set too high We played 3 very good teams.... they beat us This is not the end of the world 2 of the 3 losses had 2 plays each that could have altered the outcome I STILL believe that this "good" team will even out (unless we have some more injuries) and end up just above 500, and possibly contend for the WC spot The team AND coaching DOES needs to improve, AND we do need some health, but there is not a superstar WR, OL, QB, OR Coach available that will make a difference, at this moment in time We are going to have to ride this out..........
  17. Anyone that wants to meet for a beer before the game please PM me
  18. Great news!!! I will be there, in person, rocking my 51 Jersey! Hoping for the WIN
  19. Agreed If we can get RT healthy our line will be fine
  20. If you are saying just for the Rams game..... I would agree I dont expect a Colts win here..... I have hopes that this talented team will sync, and we will be competitive over the balance of the year I still think we win the division
  21. It will be an ugly game.... For US The Rams have an elite roster... they SHOULD win We have a good roster Our OL had its worst game by significant margin in 3-4 years..... I dont expect that to happen again This team needs to be able to run the ball to win I truly think that even though we will start the season 0-2, we will be ok, as the groups get healthy and they work on these things
  22. We will be 0-2 SO WHAT? The Seahawks and Rams are elite, top 5-6 teams in NFL We arent elite...... thats a fact, we just need to keep developing We will start our winning in TN Starting 0-2 will finish 11-7 and win the AFC South We ARENT winning the SB, but I do predict a round 1 Playoff win.....
  23. Enormous overreaction from the media We played an excellent playoff team with a QB that had a hot hand We were NOT in sync, on defense or offense We should get a bit better..... We need some more time together We also should just kick the dang FG It will all be ok, I think
  24. Its a shame Id love to see him get some healthy time
  25. This is the absolute key to our success especially early in the season If we can run the ball...... MANY good things happen...
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