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  1. Its funny you say that.... I feel the same...... Strange times......
  2. I would tend to agree There is significant $$ moving around so I believe there will be a season of some sort.... maybe shortened..... I think the NFL union may hold the players back from competing until there is a resolution or some protection. We are seeing a crazy jump in new cases in Texas. (My daughter just tested positive she is ok now) If we are in mid August and the new cases in Covid starts to drop AND the death rates are dropping we may see a season..... If not..... we may see a start in Oct...... Who knows....
  3. Thats rough. You need to be extra careful. Its also AWESOME that you would look out for your mother in law. You have done a good deed Crazycolt and it says alot about you......... Stay safe....
  4. Is that true NCF? I haven’t seen anything published on this (I’m not saying what you posted isn’t true) It SEEMs like everyone will get this at some point..... almost inevitable There are people that follow the distancing and mask guidelines and they still get it. There were only 212 deaths in the whole USA on the 5th from COVID , my hope is that it keeps with the downward trends on deaths..... Prayers for USA
  5. This is a tough team to rank at this point. If Rivers plays like he did in 2018 we could be in top 5 But we could just as easily be 15 I voted 10 to split the difference
  6. Agreed Patmon will have to step up ASAP to make the team
  7. East, I think he will be ok. There are college WRs that can’t get separation .... USC played some tomato cans but also some decent teams.... On his tape, Pittman had good separation and seems to be able to track the ball very well He also can out jump most people on the field I hope (I think) we got a steal
  8. There will be some UGLY football....
  9. Yepppppp If you are Chad Kelly and Jacob Eason..... you aren’t very happy
  10. If he can learn the route running as well, I think his ceiling is All Pro Mike Thomas of the Saints, who has similar speed and size No guarantees of course If he is 80% of Thomas, we will be happy
  11. To me, the "good hands" piece is key Reggie Wayne developed an amazing route running ability. If Pittman can develop that part of his game, to go with the rest of his attributes, we may have something I look forward seeing what the kid can do
  12. I am seeing a doctor about it....... We meet every Tuesday night........ I would also agree that I would LIKE to see the QB room be Rivers, Eason, and CK.... Very very longshot on that.....
  13. Wilkins is one of the underdogs that I find myself rooting for....... He plays special teams which should help his cause...... but he is likely 50/50 (Or LESS) to be on this roster after camp. He seems to have really good vision, to allow him to get the extra yards. Though its not popular, I hope for success for Chad Kelly. But...... I think it will be VERY tough for this guy to make the roster Maybe 10-20% chance It may be an irrational "rooting" ....... but for the miniscule time that that he had to play ag
  14. The competition for the bottom two WR spots will be intense Will they carry 6 WRs or 5? The bottom 5th and or 6th WR will HAVE to ALSO contribute on Special Teams (I would think) The middle and bottom of this roster is SO MUCH BETTER than it was 2-3 years ago The cuts will be painful.... but thats what happens when you have a good roster Some of the fan favorites (mine included) wont be wearing the horseshoe this year....
  15. You are right The "experts" take positions sometimes to be the counterpoint in an interview. No one is tracking the right opinion vs wrong opinion numbers from the media (Thankfully on my opinions too ) We track YAC...... we should track talking head opinions
  16. You may be right. With Blackmon likely out for all or most of the year, another DB might be in play. I think they like the 3 TEs they have, and with a true FB (if he makes the team) he could play some h back roles. I’m not sure if they bring anyone in... I am cautiously optimistic for the Colts to have a good year.... maybe 11 wins....
  17. There isnt much written on Little, I havent seen him play as well What little I have seen written, they think he isnt a T in the NFL It appears that he may just go back to College as well If you look at our current situation, I would think our biggest hole (at this point) is a OT to develop and to do back up role. We seem to have ample depth at all other positions...... CB hopefully gets a decent OT cast off from the waiver wire for depth. It may be slim pickens........
  18. Great question https://www.profootballnetwork.com/top-college-players-entering-nfl-supplemental-draft-2020/
  19. From what little I saw this kid has a great future and yet another DB that could fill in for several positions With no camp, I really don’t see him contributing much.... Let him get 100% and be a rising star in 2021. If he somehow heals fast we get a decent backup that can be one of the nickel DBs in late Nov/Dec Im not counting on it.... It usually takes 12-18 months to get back up and going at full speed from this injury
  20. I am HOPING that the Buckeyes can win it all this year The offense should be excellent, the defense has some holes ...... It will be between OSU and Clemson.......
  21. I agree with the Brooks comparison. We may have the Sapp type needed with Buckner....... The question is with all the new rules on hits..... does this defense need a dominate SS like TB had? My gut says... yes
  22. Any word on his return time?
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