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  1. Ok I stand corrected LOL maybe not this year but I thought he had been decent in the past. In that case, yes lets do PJ Williams
  2. How about a low round pick and Mack to the Chiefs for Daniel Sorensen? Not currently starting for them. He’s played decently I believe in the league and could definitely provide a boost.
  3. Absolutely love TY! Have his jersey and one of my all time favorites! He looked like prime Hilton today. Like others have stated, if I have to guess, I think he did tell the team he is hanging it up after this season. Will be a very sad day for Colts nation.
  4. Probably just not enough snaps to go around between Pittman, Pascal, Campbell, and the backs/TEs. I don’t anticipate him having a bigger role until next year when Hilton and maybe Pascal have moved on.
  5. Yes, he has been signed to our practice squad
  6. I definitely agree that we should have kept Chachere but does anyone know if he’s been making an impact in Philly?
  7. Is there a way to pin this so that we can revisit on October 13th, 2031 to see if Irsay’s prediction came true?? In all seriousness, thats a very bold statement. Better be making some significant roster improvements starting with this offseason.
  8. Ill give you that on Turay but he just seems to disappear for games at a time. He hadn’t really done anything this season until last week. We will see if the good play continues.
  9. I agree with Turay and Bangou but Lewis has been solid (unspectacular but solid) and Dayo hasn’t even played yet. We have no idea how good or bad he will be.
  10. The tackle whiffs by the corners this year have been incredibly frustrating.
  11. Agree with this but I would put play making corner as the number 1 need. I know our scheme doesn’t necessarily fit a dominant shut down corner but we need someone who can turn their head and make a play on the ball every now and then. Also wishfully hoping we change to more of a man scheme than the soft zone.
  12. Our receivers as a whole made some very nice plays tonight when called upon! That grab by Pittman though to open the 2nd half proves that he has all the tools to be a number 1 and is well on his way.
  13. I’ll give the OL credit…they weren’t perfect but they really stepped up tonight and gave us a chance. This L isn’t on them. It’s on the charmin soft D.
  14. As nice as a first rounder would be, they are still far from sure things. I just want to see the Colts go quality over quantity this offseason. Honestly, with health, I think this team could really compete with one elite type corner and one dynamic receiver (or pass catching tight end). As Trevon Diggs, Travis Kelce, and many others have shown, that does not need to be a first round pick.
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