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Broncos Release WR DaeSean Hamilton

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I’d be good if we signed him.   Doesn’t hurt for right now to find out what a player us, or isn't.   If he’s not what we hope, he can be cut in August.  

If I remember correctly, he’s a Ballard-level character kid, at least I think he was in college.  

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We don't have room for him. TY, Campbell, Pittman Jr., and Pascal are all going to get the snaps. I think we are going to let the other young guns fight it out for the 5th/6th spots. 

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17 hours ago, RNGDShobby said:

I was always a fan. He was a huge reception perception guy.


Slot chain mover guy, that is what he was at Penn State, but the slot with speed is what K J Hamler brings to their squad, so he became expendable, ironically K J Hamler is also from Penn State. We use our WRs so interchangeably that I am not sure we really need him, to be honest. If I get him on waivers, yes, without losing a draft pick. If not, I wouldn't worry about it. 

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He had some flashes, but also had Drew Lock as his QB, so that hasn't helped. He was waived, but I highly doubt we'll get him. We'll probably put a claim in for him, but another team higher on the waiver priority list will probably land him.

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