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Carlos Dunlap would be a great addition!!

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I have made no secret that I have wanted him all along. He could be our Justin Houston replacement if Ballard wants to let him go and he will fit into our 4-3 easily. This year, having both of them (Houston and Dunlap) will help us against good offensive teams like the Titans, Ravens, Steelers that we are bound to face, IMO.

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I think he would be a perfect addition at the trade deadline.  Ballard regretted not making a move last year.  This one makes a lot of sense and wouldn't cost us a lot.  You can never have enough good pass rushers.  

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37 minutes ago, runthepost said:

I would take him and hopefully we can get AJ Green too :stir:

Green will be a free agent at the end of the season. He signed a 18 million dollar contract this season so I don't imagine Ballard wants to pay that kind of money. Plus all of a sudden the Bengals are utilizing Green over the last couple of weeks.

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