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Wide Receivers to target in the draft and free agency

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Going forward, we can't rely on just TY Hilton anymore to be the man that gets the most volume of targets and catches. We need another receiver to create mismatches, get separation, and get some targets. Let's take a look at some of the receivers in free agency in the draft. Given if Ballard doesn't bring back Funchess. Also, I'll be giving a percentage if Ballard signs and drafts one of the WRs on this list. Here are some I think Ballard should consider going after. 



Free agents WRs.


AJ Green - He is an interesting one because he seems to eager to get back on the field. The Bengals have shown no interest in bringing him back and I think he hits the market. The downside is, he will be 32 when the 2020 season starts. (20% chance because of his age) 


Amari Cooper - No chance he gets out of Dallas. If the Cowboys can't work out a long term contract he will get tagged. (0% chance) 


Robby Anderson - Before the deadline, there were rumors that he was going to get dealt. His numbers are down this year and that is because of Gase's play calling and Darnold's struggles. Spotrac has his market value at $47 million over 5 years. Ballard has to entertain the idea of signing him. (40 % Chance) 


Nelson Agholor - Hasn't played up to his talent this season but his best years was when Frank was his Offensive Coordinator in 2016 and 2017. The Frank connection makes all the sense. I wouldn't be surprised if Ballard goes after him. (45% chance) 



WRs in the NFL Draft. 


Michael Pittman Jr - 6"4 215 pound receiver out of USC who reminds me a lot of Keenan Allen. Projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round. (50% chance) 


Devonte Smith 6"1 175 pound receiver out of Alabama. Out of all of the Alabama receivers I think this guy has the fastest speed. He goes under the radar because Ruggs and Jeudy get the most publicity. 


Colin Johnson - 6'5 220 pound receiver out of Texas with a big frame. He doesn't have the speed Devonte Smith has but he can go up and get the ball. (30% chance) 


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8 minutes ago, BProland85 said:

This WR class for the 2020 draft is so good I would hope Ballard drafts at least 1 WR prospect.


I would LOVE CeeDee Lamb, but doubt he'll be available. Another guy I really like is Tyler Johnson from Minnesota in the middle rounds. 

Don't forget about Shenault from Colorado U.

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Consider TY, Pascall, and Campbell as the 3 sure things for the WR corps next year. That leaves the room wide open for a free agent and a draft pick..... each of which I think the Colts should explore. A player like Agholor might be perfect. Nobody will know him better than Frank Reich, and understand his upside. If this guy just needs a new chance to reach his potential, the Colts could be a perfect fit. And he'd come at a reasonable price. 

That said, I don't think the Colts can afford to hope that Fountain, Cain or even Rogers will be an answer. They need to spend the draft capital and get a future #1 to pair with TY and eventually take over for him. They are in a perfect spot to do that, too, with their own #1 or what will likely be the second pick in the 2nd round with Washington's pick. Time to pony up and get another difference maker. 

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With my very early observations of the college receiver draft opportunities; Cole Kmet TE, ND or Brycen Hopkins TE, Purdue in round 1, or perhaps the redskins early 2nd.


and Davonte Smith WR Alabama in round 2.


Neither TE will get past NE, IMO.  We'll have to take who drops into the second.

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