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Ummmmm   the final score was Colts 13 Bengals 6.... wouldn’t that mean the Colts won and thus are not winless in the preseason(not that it matters) Or am I seeing things?

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11 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

They don’t ever have any plans to ever play him. He is good at what a they want out of him. They are never going to actually play him in a game.

That is very surprising.

He has a better chance of making the Pats roster than he does the Colts.

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17 hours ago, PrincetonTiger said:

I agree or until CK is completely ready

It stinks, but if Ballard like the potential of Kelly, and he want to develop him AND feels he wont make the PS, then I'd be ok with 3. Its a unique situation.  A vet presence like Hoyer brings vast knowledge and some stability if Brissett struggles.  Lets face it, Ballard and the rest of us really didnt think we had to worry past Brissett.  Things have changed.

  If Jacoby goes down or struggles, we have no plan B at the moment.  (Im not judging Ballard). Kelly is not ready no matter how good he looked.

  It stinks we may lose a good player over it, but i'm not sure thetes an option.

  The more i think about it , only having Brissett and Kelly on the roster scares me a little.  And thats not talking about weeks 1-2.

  I'm not gonna worry about it.  Thats Ballard's job.

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