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Colts Vs. 49ers Preseason Game Thread


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6 minutes ago, rockywoj said:

If it’s an injury that will linger for weeks and weeks, it’s to the point that I’d just cut him.  Non availability makes him useless, despite his so called promise. 

Not enough quality depth to do that Rock. 

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So in the only somewhat meaningful Pre-Season game which is the 3rd game where the starters play a whole Half we outplay the 49ers. Led 7-6 at Half. Our 1st string outplayed their's and our backups outplayed their backups as well. ESPN Power Rankings has the 49ers ranked 15th and us at #32. So are we now 14th :funny::sarcasm:.


-All kidding aside I liked what I seen tonight from Andrew and just overall on both sides of the ball. Pre-Season in general is meaningless and always has been to me with the exception of the 3rd game because the Starters play alot in that game. Very encouraging game if you ask me. Hopefully Mack and AC will play on opening day when the W/L category counts.

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Great 23-17 win by the Colts yesterday.    :default_20smile:   Though only the third preseason game, Colts outdueled the 49ers, especially Jimmy Garafallo and Alfred Morris. 


Colts rookie Mike Badgeley  contributing most of the game scoring with his five field goals and two PAT's,  along with the two ouchdowns by Christine Michael, and the pass play from Andrew Luck  to Eric Ebron.


Now the pressure begins to the next level, as the reserve players, undrafted rookies, and free agents, prepare for the last preseason game in less than a week.  Colts and all the NFL teams management, players, and coaching staffs, will start as early as Thursday Night, the radical cutdown, and even trades through the waiver wire, from the current 90-man training camp roster, to the final 53-man regular season roster next weekend.


All  Week 4 Preseason Games by NFL Teams also usually plays on the last Thursday Night in August.   Colts prepare twice for the I=74 series with the Cincinnati Bengals in both Paul Brown Stadium, and Lucas Oil Stadium for the Regular Season Opener on September 9.


Great luck to the Colts, and the rest of the NFL players making the final cut after Thursday, and the Colts will try to finish their 2018 NFL preseason at 3-1 from The Queen City.  We'll see all of you here in the Colts Game Day Forum on Thursday, and GO COLTS!!!!!  :coltslogo:  :1colts:  :colts:  :coltslogo:    :D

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