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The Best Thing So Far This Season For The Colts........


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There is not a single fan who ever though that the Colts would hold the top draft pick this time last year or at any point before the start of the season...I'll guarantee not a single one!

I'm really excited about the draft now though :)

no, but there were people suggesting we tank the season to draft luck. maybe the colts really do read this forum haha

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He's better than good, he's the most underrated safety in the NFL, and a top 3 FS. He's the best tackling FS in the NFL. He's more than good.

While I think the guy is good. The love he gets is a little out of hand around here.

He's a good tackler with avg coverage skills, and frying pan hands.

No way is he better than Reed or Troy. And he can't possibly be ranked higher than Meriweather, Collins, Griffen, or Wilson. He's in the Whitner/Landry league. And Im not entirely sure I wouldn't take Thomas or Berry ahead of him as well.

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Plus side, Castonzo and iljuana are getting much needed reps. Nevis is showing greatness. Angerer.. guys a freakin beast! McAfee is the best punter in the NFL as far as I'm conserned. Vinny is Mr. Cluch, what more can you say.

Those are the positives this season.

Iljuana has been on IR for the past few weeks. Not sure who you have been watching, but it wasn't him.

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