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  1. This isnt Sparta? I must have taken a wrong turn at Albequerque.......
  2. The Force is strong with this one............
  3. I think that list shows that its still a 50/50 proposition no matter who and when a QB is taken in the draft. Going on past draft picks is only one way to evaluate the situation however. The draft room warriors need to toss all of the factors into their mental computer, IE: What is our current severity of need for said QB? How well does said QB fit our system? Are we going to use Said QB immediately? Who is the Agent for Said QB? How much is this likely to effect our cap space? Does this QB have the potential to make us contenders in the future? There is so much to sort, but I have began to be
  4. Painter isnt playing(barring injury) and we have seen in the past, BB leaves his Golden boy in to let him run up the score, and accumulate as many stats as he can. Its just the way it is, we are going to get slaughterd.
  5. No thank you. Tebow will end up like most gimmicky QB's this league has seen. At first successful, then the defense studies film on him, he will be toast. He is so one dimentional that if you take away the Bronchos run game, they cant beat you. It's just a matter of time.
  6. Never heard of him. I watch a lot of college football, but I admit I dont keep up on all the prospects.
  7. I believe its four since the Colts only have 3 other divisional teams. 6 divisional games. I could be wrong though, its happend many times. I think if the colts were to finish 8-8 or better next year with a healthy Peyton at the Helm, he is undeniably the MVP again, and its no longer an argument who the greatest QB of all time is......Good Lord I hope that doesnt spark an out of control debate!!
  8. Another thing about windsock Big mouth Dakich is he spent all Preseason talking about how Quality the Colts team is, filled with leaders, great run organization, the whole 9. Then once the losing started he completely changed his story to suit the needs of his crappy radio show. He spends the whole time talking about how great he is, and references his indiana, and andrean basketball days about 8 times per hour. His show is terrible. Cant wait for him to get canned so I can get some informed Colts radio.
  9. The beauty is, you still know they posted something, and you can click on it to read it, but you can ignore also. I love it.
  10. Ramblin wreck is a misinformed contrarian who argues because it gets him off. I put him on ignore and its beautiful. I suggest you all do the same.
  11. after reading some of the OP's post, I am not sure that isnt Dakich himself.....it wouldnt surprise me, as he often talks of visiting message boards on his show. If that is you Dakich, stick to basketball, and being not very good at that.
  12. Dakich knows NOTHING about Football. Zero, Nada, and every prediction he seems to make that is football related is wrong. Dude is an arrogant Jerk to boot. Hate the fact I even have to listen to that show to get Colts discussion at Lunch, as he is uber misinformed. No one is tanking, they just arent very good.
  13. I dont see anyone out there Tanking. We are getting beaten by better football teams because our HOF Quarterback can cover up mutliple weak spots from the training table.
  14. We get it, you dont want luck. That's fine. If you believe I am not thinking, you are a clown, and welcome to my ignore list as you never have anything to add that is remotely correct.
  15. You keep using the word "scrambler" , not me. Drew Brees is excellent at running for first downs and sliding out of the pocket and throwing on the run........you do watch football, right? You could be one of the most mis-informed argumentators I have ever seen. I saw a statisitic today that Luck, on designed rollout plays has a 75 percent completion percentage with 9 touchdowns.......that is very drew brees like. It doesnt make them "scramblers"(what are you, 80 years old? Scramblers??) it just means they are very good Running quarterbacks who are accurate on the run.
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