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  1. I'm past this year. He's not playing. now I'm worrying about his career.... there is chatter about it being over.
  2. Which is an excellent idea. Looking forward to next year.
  3. They have completely written off our season already. Seriously * those guys. If we get pushed around by Tenn, then yeah I'm ready to throw in the towel. Today is the 11th hour. But we have three extremely winnable division games and then the NE juggernaut. If we can be 3-2 and then host NE and at least compete in that game even if we lose, my nerves will calm. We drop any one of the next three games and we are done.
  4. yeah yeah, saved the dudes life. thats nice. ahhh, 3:30 in the morning. its definitely my favorite time of day to take a leisurely drive! why even be in that situation in the first place?? nothing good happens after 1am. If you say otherwise you are a liar.
  5. His hands looked enormous on that catch. Like Mickey Mouse gloves,
  6. All late money going on KC from betters with no knowledge. Vegas original line is the one to go off of, unless a super important player goes down before the game.
  7. Starting to wonder how this team won 6 games and against the best in the league. Coaching is way off so far tonight. Fix this now.
  8. Line is beyond awful. Dude is good. Tons of power and burst when in space. Stop making him run straight into the box.
  9. The title of your thread makes it seem he was shot. Poor choice of thread title.
  10. Yeah yeah trap game blah blah blah..... If Hasselbeck isn't under centre in the 4th quarter I will be disappointed.
  11. a lot of backs dont get a D to stack 7 in the box. Now they wont do that anymore, how can you not see that this will only improve both sides of our offense? No one was scared of old man Bradshaw or GD Brown. Now coordinators have to plan accordingly for both run and pass. And this really wasnt a heavy investment, I completely disagree with you there. Both from a financial standpoint and from a draft standpoint. Second round OL choices will be fine. I had a strange feeling we were going to gamble AGAIN with a first round RB pick anyways. Now we have a semi-proven stud who can only ge
  12. why the mention of Edge not winning an SB? what were you eluding to with that bit of trivia, hmmm? explain yourself, or we will all assume that you believe Edge/Manning combo somehow prevented us from winning a ring. I'm waiting for your "nuh uh!!!!! thats not what I said!!!!!"
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