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Colts Vs. Chiefs AFC Wild Card Playoff Game Day Thread


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If there's been a greater game in NFL playoff history, it's not coming to me right now where Frank Reich led the bills back from 32 down and there has been 1 other 28 point  deficet overcome

Frank Reich of the Bills were down 32 pts. and won the game against the then Houston Oilers now the Titans and there has been 1 other 28 point defecit over come then there was our 18 point come back against NE to get to the super bowl against the Bears

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This game was amazing!!


I honestly wont be bothered if we get smoked in the next round. This game was truly memorable and some of the most fun I've had watching ball in years.


Just makes it all that much sweeter about the fairweather whiners ITT. I hear the Chargers forum could use some more fans.

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Great comeback Colts, I'm still angry that you guys let it get out of hand, but a lessor team would have packed it in.  Way to fight back, and pull out a victory.  Take this lesson and let it lead you to the Superbowl.


Have a great week everyone, and try to stay warm.

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    • If you rewatch the game Bills vs Titans 41-7, you will note that the Titans kept changing 3-4 and 4-3. In addition they flopped their DE between Autry and Simmons until they found the winning match up. To combat the Titans defensive scheme, the Bills had a Fullback or Blocking TE along with McKenzie (RB) line up behind the OLine. We should do that as well until we can find a way to protect Matt Ryan. Grab a guy off the waiver or practice squad to play that role if Kylen Granson or Mo Allie Cox can't block. Keep Jalani Woods catching up the middle. Copy what made the Chargers and KC successful with Antonio Gates or Tony Gonzalez. Both were coached by Reich.
    • The only deep toss we made last week (Pierce) was 1st and 10... and Ryan tossing from end zone (LOS was like 3ish)
    • dude watch Matt pinters play on all 22.  No amount of “coaching” is going to fix the physical adzwhooppin he took.  There were missed assignments on pickups, but our line is losing way too many 1 on 1 battles for the investment.  The missed assignments are in Ryan or Kelly , both long term vets whi make a ton of money.   Ryan is not looking quick enough to be good in this team kinda like I was wondering preseason.   I disagree Ryan was good Saturday overall.  He had a 1 foot TD pass to an uncovered TE that any QB would have thrown.  Other than that he was bad until afresh the Unsportsmanlike then he led a nice methodical drive.  But overall he wasn’t good IMO.   our problem 
    • IDK. Injury impact (what you saw)? I watched film. Mostly SS. More of an enforcer type and split S. Even played a little WILL LB in packages. If playing some WILL, gotta guess primary SS. Don't know Maryland's D scheme well, but guessing split S. 
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