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Colts Vs. Chiefs AFC Wild Card Playoff Game Day Thread


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If there's been a greater game in NFL playoff history, it's not coming to me right now where Frank Reich led the bills back from 32 down and there has been 1 other 28 point  deficet overcome

Frank Reich of the Bills were down 32 pts. and won the game against the then Houston Oilers now the Titans and there has been 1 other 28 point defecit over come then there was our 18 point come back against NE to get to the super bowl against the Bears

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This game was amazing!!


I honestly wont be bothered if we get smoked in the next round. This game was truly memorable and some of the most fun I've had watching ball in years.


Just makes it all that much sweeter about the fairweather whiners ITT. I hear the Chargers forum could use some more fans.

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Great comeback Colts, I'm still angry that you guys let it get out of hand, but a lessor team would have packed it in.  Way to fight back, and pull out a victory.  Take this lesson and let it lead you to the Superbowl.


Have a great week everyone, and try to stay warm.

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    • No, it's not the same. I don't know why you Luck fans want to pretend it is.    Luck fan: HE SUFFERED A CAREER ENDING INJURY!"  (proceeds to get called out on the false narrative)  Luck fan: "POTATO POTAHTO!"   So ridiculous.    He chose to quit. I'm pretty sure most players are in pain through out the season. He was able to still physically play if he wanted to; he didn't. Injuries and pain are a part of football; it's a rough sport.    And if it is all the same (it isn't) no body should bat an eye when I say he didn't suffer a career ending injury.    He quit...   ...for multiple reasons.    But it all boils down to a deliberate decision of quitting.    Career ending injury implies he had no choice, but that is false.    He chose to quit. 
    • Ha ha..   As long as the couple are fine, and both don't enrage each other again, and he doesn't take it to violence again... I guess. 
    • I don’t expect much from the NFL on this, they rarely issue punishments equal to the crime. I’ve seen them hand out 1 or 2 games suspensions for things like this but then season long bans for gambling. 
    • He’s been very good thus far. I think he’s going to have a solid career. Savvy veterans are going to have their way with him tho. Mike Evans showed that.
    • wow, very similar.  I was trying to break loose a very tight bolt on a caliper bracket lying on my side under my car and I felt something give way in my chest and heard a "POP" , it was the pectoral.  It was brutal for a while. Didn't go away for about 2 months. No upper-body weight-lifting is possible for that duration.
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