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  1. That just means higher draft picks. Build through the draft or trade them for known commodities. Gotta be better than the mid round busts we've had since Luck has been in Indy.
  2. A nose tackle doesn't have to be a great pass rusher. His job is to move the pocket back or collapse it and make the edge rushers' job easier.
  3. They like their big boys up front in New England. And they've been pretty darn successful with that philosophy.
  4. The most wins will go to Tom Brady in short order though.
  5. That luck has been a double edged sword though. Think about how terrible we were in the years prior to getting Manning and Luck.
  6. Low blocks are fine as long as the defender isn't being blocked by another offensive player. It is the high/low combo only that is being taken out of the game. it will make things more difficult on the offensive line, but I think it is a good change. Too many defensive linemen get sidelined for the year with blown knees.
  7. I'd still say that Marino is the best passer in history. Then you've got Unitas and Manning tied as the greatest field generals of all time.
  8. Agree. We can't ask for brutal hits now and then demonize the league an ex-player is found to have had traumatic brain injury due to hits while playing football.
  9. I can't say I'm sorry to see him go, but I wish him well in Miami, as long as he's not playing against the Colts.
  10. Okung is a good pick up. But I wonder if he'll have anyone worth protecting in the backfield.
  11. Well, I hope he is as outstanding for the Pats as he was with us. And leads them to as many Super Bowl victories
  12. Making all plays, except those already reviewed, reviewable is something I've been hoping for since challenges were instituted. There are too many times that a questionable pass interference call is made that completely changes the complexion of the game, but once it is called it is set in stone. Now there is a second chance.
  13. As an avid Bama fan, I can say that the LBs that come out of there are not generally elite pass rushers. Saban's defensive MO at Bama has been to have big bruisers on the D-line that get a good push up front. That makes a pass rush around the edge much more effective. If you watch them, the push is primary, then the corners or the linebackers come in and reap the reward of a sack. So looking at Bama players like Upshaw for an elite edge rusher is not a sure thing and it can be deceiving. Having said that, how about we get on board with that philosophy and get some dominating D-linemen and watch out pass rush become that much more dangerous?
  14. Any announcement involving the "Man"ning is major.
  15. He was so fast it was like there were two of him.
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