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    • TDs thrown can also be an indication of a very poor running game. That is the only way they could score. Luck would not have won any more games than Watson did with the Texans after O'Brian ran all of their talent out of town.
    • Hypothetically speaking...  if we were able to trade back enough to gain a 3, I could see us doing something like this....      1.   OT or DE 2.   DE or OT 3.   CB 4.   WR 5.   TE 6.   OL 7.    DB    I too think corner is a high priority.  If we sign Rhodes or another to replace him, I’d guess the third round pick would go to replace Carrie?   It’s hard for me to see Taylor someday being a full time outside corner.  It’s great if he can do it in a pinch,  but doing it full time would feel very un-Ballard like to me.   Taylor feels like the guy who someday replaces Moore who I love.     Just thinking out loud in early March.   
    • Yep, agree... we need a lot of help at EDGE... I almost feel like we must get one of the best FA EDGE players that hit the market. Otherwise we've seen how hard it is to hit on them in the draft, especially when you don't have premier picks.    Yeah, there are pressures and PRESSURES. Definitely different types of impact depending on what types of pressures the player is getting. Since we are talking about PFF... AFAIK part of their grades include that - namely, they grade quick, good pressures on decisive wins higher than slow pressures that barely affect the play. Lawson in this regard actually grades well but not exceptionally well. I don't have their package so I don't know if you can see what his types of pressures are compared to other pass-rushers.  Yeah... that's why it's good to combine both disruption(pressures) and production(sacks + TFL+PDs). Unfortunately, those rarely hit FA.  Again - no idea if PFF has some stats about his pressures - at the very least stats about time to pressure? This might be useful information. Yep, agree. And with that said... what's the type of contract you'd be willing to give someone like Lawson? 3/30? 4/45?
    • FWIW, I am not a fan of passer rating or QBR rating. Both are wishy washy. If we went by that than RG3 was better in 2012 than any year Luck had lol, that was far from the case and we all know it. I go by TD's thrown because it is about points, clutch factor, and the ability to find a way to win. Luck never had a season where any of his teams were below .500 when he played a full season (basically a full season, he played 15 games in 2016). His worse record was 8-7 in 2016 where he played 15 games. As much I love Watson his team just went 4-12, Luck would never go 4-12 in a million years playing all 16 games.
    • I remember the Leonard/Benitez fight, I was real young then. Benitez was solid and gave Leonard fits. That almost went the distance. Leonard got him in the 15th round.
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