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    • I tend to disagree here.  Have all the guys you mentioned had better seasons than Rivers?  Yes.  Have more than 4 done it in the same year? Aside from last year, I think not (admittedly, part of that is due to the other guys being injured for long stretches of time).     Rivers has also had seasons where he was better, at least statistically, than all of the guys mentioned here.  In 2008 he led the league in passer rating and tied for lead with Brees for TDs (Brees had more yards, but also threw almost 200 more attempts and still had the same amount of TDs and a lower passer rating), that is one example where Rivers was either the best or 2nd best QB in the league for a season.  He's had other seasons where he has led the league in passing or completion percentage.     I'm not saying he's better than Peyton, Brady or Brees (the 3 guys with the best stats in NFL history)... but aside from winning SBs, he's put up better numbers than Big Ben throughout his career, he's thrown for >4,000 yards 11 times (Wilson has done it 3 times), and if he retired this year, Rodgers would likely have to play at least 3 full seasons at a high level to touch Rivers' numbers (Rodgers has 2 MVPs and the best passer rating of all-time, so he won't need to do that to get in anyway).   I do see your point... when Rivers retires he won't be considered the 'top' QB of his era.. but he's played through several waves of very solid QBs (Peyton, Brady, Brees were already established when Rivers got here -- Eli and Ben had 2 years under their belt before Rivers took the reigns from Brees, even though Rivers was drafted the same time of them), then guys like Rodgers (got to start 1 or 2 years after Rivers due to sitting on the bench behind Favre), Wilson, Luck, Newton, and now Mahommes, Burrows, Lamar Jackson, etc. have entered the league after  Rivers got started... regardless, he's been a top 10 QB through all of it, while never playing under a HOF coach or on an elite team (with the exception of 2012 and 2019).  So in 14 seasons as a starter, he's been in the top 10 on 12 occasions, and out of those 12, I think he's been at 5 or higher at least 50% of the time.    
    • and I missed it cause work  Seahawks getting ball first 
    • they have impressed me especially last 2 weeks
    • What a great game tonight. 34-34 overtime
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