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  1. San Diego, had one I believe at end of the game.
  2. Andrew Luck Anthony Costanzo Possible outside chance at Cherilius (sp?), hes done tremendous pass blocking at the RT position Robert Mathis Vontae Davis Jerrell Freeman Adam Vinatieri Maybe Bethea And doesnt the captains determine who gets on the team and who not?
  3. Hopefully hes fine and after the bye week hes ready to go. I dont know how close its getting to the trade deadline either. I think TY could be a #1, atleast for this season but for that the coaching staff actually has to utilize him. He went from a clear #2 in this offense to almost an afterthought. I dont think hes done anything to get demoted but its happened. I agree Heyward Bey is more valuable in this offense because of his run blocking abilities and his speed but Hilton has better hands, better agility IMO and a bit faster also.
  4. Saw this on Twitter: "Marshawn Lynch through 5 games w/Seahawks following trade with Bills: 217 yds, 2 TDs, 2.9 ypc."
  5. No one on the FA thats worth anything.
  6. I agree he's had an injury bug issue. However, this season is lost without Reggie. We cannot count Heyward Bey and Fleener to make the key catches. Theres a reason Luck looks for Reggie more and targets him the most. We've already lost our starting TE for the year, losing Reggie would be even a bigger hit. Maybe we can give them a player back.
  7. Hakeem Nicks anyone? The rumors have been the Giants are shopping him, possibly would take a 2nd or 3rd round for him. He's a 25 year old stud WR with championship experience and some of the best hands in the league. Could be a potential successor for Reggie.
  8. There we go! We needed one mistake from Peyton and we got it! Seal it here boys! DRAIN THE CLOCK AND PUNCH IT IN THE ENDZONE!
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