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Colts Need To Get Lance Briggs


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Posted Yesterday, 11:56 AM

BmoreColt is back just like Peyton babyyyy! How come I can't start a new topic?? It's only allowing me to have three replies a day? The old forum was not like that. Anyway since we are talking about final roster spots, I wanted to start a thread on Lance Briggs. He requested to be traded from the Chicago Bears today, who play in a similar Tampa 2 scheme. I like that the FO was aggressive this offseason with acquiring free agents who could fit our system or be "role players" and the D line has a solid rotation this year IMO, but I still have watched game after game where the linebackers were weak, couldn't shed tackles, or were blocked off by tight ends and running backs, I personally would like to see Briggs traded for, what a compliment and physical presence he would bring at OLB not to mention being a mentor. So by getting him we would start Briggs, Brackett, Simms, and under each player we would have up and coming quality replacements to mentor off these three. For Briggs (Conner), for Brackett (Angerer), and for Simms (Wheeler, Moten). The window on the Colts is closing. this would help now and after Manning. Maybe inquire about a trade giving the Bears a third or fourth rounder and Jerry Hughes, even a second rounder! Briggs is well worth it! This is also just me thinking out loud and wishful thinking of course, but I see the LB as weak in the pre-season and this move would make sense, especially if Polian could work his magic in the cap! Thoughts?

I just joined this new forum yesterday and this is what I wrote for the final 53...it was the only somewhat topic of relevance I could state this at the time!

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This isn't a realistic scenario.

We are pretty good at LB, so I don't think getting a big name there would make sense at all.

Briggs will be expensive.

Why is he the guy we "need"? Would he put this team over the top?

I just don't understand a lot of these "We need" threads. They are usually embarrassing to read.

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