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  1. The name of their fan forum..
  2. Anybody that's a Manning fan foUnd the Broncos fan forum? Is it OrangeMane....
  3. As much as I wanted Peyton on the 49ers, I think Denver was the second best fit. They have a weakness on the line at center, guess who is going to fill that void? They need a veteran TE, guess who is going to fill that void? They have a great pass rushing D, clearly last year they had to play a different style of D with Tebow. They couldn't pin their ears back and tell Dumervill, Ayers, and Miller happy hunting. With manning, that pass rush will be ferocious! Fox is letting Manning control the Offense, and he and del rio will concentrate on D! They have 30+ million of cap room, to get other pi
  4. 49ERS!!! I know what I'm talking about!! BOOM
  5. Peyton is not doing it for market value, statistically speaking frog. Do you get it
  6. The media being there or not has nothing to do with Manning trying to increase market value. Your now a Peyton Manning expert too apparently.
  7. They are nothing more than a one and done playoff team with Manning. They need serious Defensive Help. Two DTs one DE, WLB, CB, SS..
  8. Denver is strong on the outside, DEs OLBs and CB, they need to get strong down the middle, MLB, S, NT... And a few replacement corners to eventually take over. I think they compliment Manning well all around, and would get Mike Wallace if I were them and add Tulloch, Otogwae, and at least ine new DT. They would be deadly.
  9. The reason that Peyton has 1 SB is largely attributed to not having a balanced team! So it's not crazy to say titans aren't a fit because of a lack of D, that's more of a reason to suggest that! Why go to a team with similar problems? Improve your chances my upgrading and making vertical moves not moving laterally!!!
  10. Tennessee is very far off from being a Championship quality team. They have a bad defense. There are better places he could go.
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