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  1. Absolutely...He's a beast and he's getting a Super Bowl victory...We couldn't be more fortunate to have him!
  2. The competition for safety is interesting as well at the RB lineup...Return of Ballard and Bradshaw. I'm curious about special teams. Specifically, who handles PR and KR duties. Also, how the Colts run D will look.
  3. Well, the WR competition this year just got thinner
  4. Could Grigson go after this guy? The 49er's are reportedly shopping him around.
  5. Adongo came from Rugby straight into the NFL. He's got one year under his belt and he could be a force this year!
  6. Is it me or, does the draft this year have an air of ambivalence? The #1 pick may get traded, no one really loves the QB class, and the #1 pick has seen some pretty interesting choices in mock drafts. Thoughts?
  7. All depends on who is throwing the ball ;) I have to go with Hicks...Great attitude, possesion receiver...Durability is an issue but, if healthy he's dangerous
  8. Asante Samuel is still on there on the market? You all think he would be worth going after if the $$ is right?
  9. Solid moves this offseason. The real answers will come this season to see how these moves paid off. I think offensively we have juggernaut potential and we could be a top 5offense. Defense still has questions in stopping the running game, and the secondary needs to be solidified. It does put the AFC on notice because the Colts want to ball out, and I think that's what we intend to do!
  10. Bench him...Then when he's learned his lesson and has had multiple reps on the jug machine, load his hands up with "Stick-Em" and send him out there!
  11. Good call....Richardson needs to learn how to be an NFL running back instead of trying to do what he did in Alabama
  12. My superstition is to turn the game off, go do something else and check back periodically. It's worked in the 2006 AFC Championship game, the 2009 Pats vs. Colts Sunday Night Football, 2012 Green Bay vs. Indy (Chuckstrong) 2012 Detroit vs. Indy 2013 Houston vs. Indy on Sunday Night Football..
  13. I think this whole "power running" game needs to go. We need to be more aggressive in the passing game and let Luck be Luck. Granted our O-line is terrible and needs a lot of work going forward but, if you look back to last year when Luck was airing it out we had more success offensively. Plus, Richardson isn't panning out and the offense centers around Luck plain and simple. Let him take control of the offense and do his thing and have the other parts compliment.
  14. Glad to see Adongo made the practice squad...Hopefully we can cultivate the guy into becoming a beast...He's a top Rugby player, the talent is there....
  15. Can't keep guys on the roster that keep getting hurt...It's a business...Bob Sanders anyone?
  16. Please no....Get this guy healthy....I don't care how long it takes
  17. Is Gonzalez didn't have a freak knee injury he would have been a stud for the Colts... 2007 was where Polian started to slip in his draft process
  18. http://www.stampedeblue.com/2013/8/6/4594120/former-colts-first-round-bust-jerry-hughes-suggests-he-didnt-have-a The article says it all..... We gave him the time to show off what he's got...Especially as a first round pick...And like any gig, if you don't perform, there's the door... Sour grapes much?
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