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  1. I wish we would just stay away from players with an injury history. They may have all the talent in the world, but that does no good while they are on the sideline in street clothes.
  2. If we can luck into a tall athletic receiver in the later rounds like we did Moncrief , then fine. Spending cap space on a free agent receiver instead of spending it on the lines is just lunacy. Everyone wants to focus on the next shiny object skill player instead of doing something about the big uglies on the line of scrimmage. The first two rounds should be spent on the lines...period.
  3. Agree in red but if Brady and company can beat us by 35 with Gronk and a bunch of no names at receiver then maybe we should take note. I believe cap space should be spent in the trenches and on defense.
  4. A team has to run effectively to keep the defense honest, and that is tough to do when our top three backs are often injured or are useless. We need O line help regardless.
  5. The Pats brought wood the whole game and we were not in it from the coin toss across the board. The whole team needs to toughen up and that includes the coaching staff if we ever want to lift the Lombardi. Our team was mentally and physically soft Sunday and that needs to change in the future.
  6. Refining the passing game was what made Manning the bridesmaid and never the bride but once. Winning titles is all about controlling the line of scrimmage and imposing your will on the opponent. Super bowl winners are generally teams that bring the pain, not look flashy. Have to disagree with this.
  7. That would be nice. I wonder if he would take a little less to go to a contender?
  8. We need a dominant nose tackle and pass rusher, which would stop the run and pressure the QB on throwing downs on defense. On offense, it all starts and ends in the trenches like Pags said. The team needs to figure out how to bolster the lines first and foremost. Good original post 21superman
  9. Not only was our play soft, but our mental toughness was soft also. The turnovers and stupid mistakes showed that they were more ready to "impose" their will and we were not. This is a direct by product of finesse football.
  10. Yep, that's the point of this thread. Their whole team was bringing wood, our guys were soft.
  11. Our "finesse" formula for the past 15 years or so isn't working against physical teams. In Super bowl XLI, we had a good running game with Dominic Rhodes running like a mad man and Booger McFarland clogging up the middle of the defense. We wasted most of Manning's career with finesse football and I don't want to waste Luck's with the same philosophy. The Colt's got man handled Sunday night, just man handled.
  12. Yep, I agree. Those defensive numbers are not showing a "physical" style of defense. We need to get a defensive coordinator that has a proven track record of better numbers than that, for sure.
  13. Agree with the running game because you have to smash mouth the guy in front of you to blow open a running lane, but disagree with more weapons. All of the weapons in the world won't help if there is no threat of a running game and they drop defenders back on our "weapons". We already have a pretty good stable of receivers and tight ends.
  14. Because this finesse crap isn't working very well. A strong running attack along with Luck under center and stopping the run is the only way to over come this Patriot hurdle. Pagano recently said "It starts and ends in the trenches" and I couldn't agree more. The only question is Grigs and Pags actually going to do anything about the lines or are they going to spend cap space on "skill players" and use patchwork for the lines to protect Luck, make running lanes and stop the run on defense?
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