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  2. It's possible, however, IF a high upside LT is not drafted then that bodes well for Garcia and/or an extension for Castonzo. The coaching staff, as well as the front office know what they have in the building already.
  3. Roemer late this year, and/or high pick next year. If we don't plan to resign him, why not get an extra rookie contract year out of high OT next year.
  4. Many people on here are calling forca LT to be drafted as Castonzo is in his contract year and is pushing the 30+ threshold. A large majority of folks forget about a low risk high reward free agent that Ballard signed in 2018 who spent the season on the Practice Squad in one Antonio Garcia from Troy by way of the Patriots. He was drafted in the 3rd Round in 2017 as Nate Solders replacement. He developed some blood c.lot (it auto-corrects to Colts without the period) issues and lost roughly 70 lbs. He has since regained strength and weight and is now being tutored by one of the best line coaches ever. Here is the draft clip from that year, listen to the parallels in what Mayock has to say. Sounds exactly like a Colts player and exactly like the Colts current roster situation! http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-draft/0ap3000000804395/Patriots-select-Antonio-Garcia-No-85-in-the-2017-NFL-Draft
  5. Just did one with their board that I'd be ecstatic about. 4 rounds only. 26: R1P26 DL CHRISTIAN WILKINS CLEMSON 34: R2P2 S DARNELL SAVAGE MARYLAND 59: R2P27 OT KALEB MCGARY WASHINGTON 89: R3P25 WR MILES BOYKIN NOTRE DAME 129: R4P27 Te JACE STERNBERGER TEXAS A&M 135: R4P33 LB MACK WILSON ALABAMA
  6. No one will ver give up a second to sign him. I think it was the only way for the Colts to assure he stayed with the team . He was not drafted so no compensation if not tendered with a second. They could have just used the "right of first refusal ." That would give them the option to match any offer Boehm might receive. Maybe would have saved some money as it's hard to believe another team would offer 3.1 mill or more ? But yeah , I'm sure the Colts are with you as they would have happily taken a 2nd for Bohm.
  7. Focus on the exam, and then drive for day 2. Studies come first.
  8. Just used the first one (deep fried) but was familiar with PFF’s. Can’t rememebr if used Fanspeak or Draftwize. Just did another, and again, think unrealistically good. Maybe I think too highly of my mock drafting skills heres the second one: 26: R1P26 TE T.J. HOCKENSON IOWA 34: R2P2 DL JEFFERY SIMMONS MISSISSIPPI STATE 59: R2P27 CB JUSTIN LAYNE MICHIGAN STATE 89: R3P25 S TAYLOR RAPP WASHINGTON 129: R4P27 WR ANDY ISABELLA UMASS 135: R4P33 RB MILES SANDERS
  9. lol.. what board did you select, and what needs did you pick?
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  11. Pretty reasonable, I also have us 11-5.
  12. Whenever I use Fanspeak, feel like I come away with a loaded draft. Who says no to this gem of a mock: 26: R1P26 EDGE CLELIN FERRELL CLEMSON 34: R2P2 DL JEFFERY SIMMONS MISSISSIPPI STATE 59: R2P27 WR J.J. ARCEGA-WHITESIDE STANFORD 89: R3P25 CB AMANI ORUWARIYE PENN STATE 129: R4P27 WR EMANUEL HALL MISSOURI 135: R4P33 S AMANI HOOKER IOWA
  13. All too early predictions. Week 1 @ Chargers. L probably not to worst time to play them though. 0-1 Week 2 @ Titans. W until these cats beat Luck, this is always a W, 1-1 Week 3 Falcons. W they'll improve, so will we. 2-1 Week 4 Raiders. W they picked up some players, still better than them. 3-1 Week 5 @ Chiefs L i think we can win this, but they torched us in the playoffs. 3-2 BYE Week 6 Texans L expecting a split with Houston. 3-3 Week 7 Broncos W back on the winners list. 4-3 Week 8 @ Steelers L toughest game to pick on the schedule... they've been a bogey team for the Colts. 4-4 Week 9 Dolphins W any team with playoff ambitions should be beating Miami. 5-4 Week 10 Jaguars W they'll improve but I expect to sweep them this year. 6-4 Week 11 @ Texans W the Colts love NRG Stadium. 7-4 Week 12 Titans W see week. I'd still pick us at home to beat them. 8-4 Week 13 @ Buccaneers W i think the Buccs will improve, could be a real trap game. 9-4 Week 14 @ Saints L winning run comes to a halt... the Saints will be a tough task away. 9-5 Week 15 Panthers W possible trap game... no idea what's going on with Cam. The Colts who win at home. 10-5 Week 16 @ Jaguars W we could be playing for a bye, they could be playing for a wildcard imo. I'm still backing the sweep here. 11-5 So 11-5 for the Colts and the division title, possible first week bye chance though it will be close with the Pats and Chargers/Chiefs.
  14. Honestly I'm not really worried about it either way. I like Boehm a lot, but I'd take a 2nd round draft pick from the receiving team without too many tears. We picked him up off waivers, so we don't have any draft capital invested in him. and... He's an UFA next year. Hope he stays though.
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  16. Let the Jets or Chiefs have him. I agree. Hard pass.
  17. Guess I'll root for the Bucks to win now..Be nice to see a small market team that is willing to spend money to win finally get a title...
  18. I live in nashville and it will be crazy downtown all 3 days. I’m going just for round 1 on Thursday. Atmosphere is fun. Just be prepared to do a lot of standing if you’re wanting to be somewhat near the main stage.
  19. sure you can, 25 wins isnt a lot for a season. we would not have made it to #1, but they could have traded expiring players too instead they chose to keep them as though we were going to make some kind of run this year
  20. Lets say hypothetically that we are at 26, and Ballard's board has Lawrence, A.J. Brown, McGary, and Abram as his BPA's. While it's true that Ballard said there 14 blue-chip prospects, that doesn't mean 26 isn't much better than 34. At 26, Ballard can choose any of the 4 he prefers at the position he prefers. At 34, he's probably getting the player that's leftover from the other 3 in most scenarios. All about getting your choice of player within a tier.
  21. https://www.seattletimes.com/sports/seahawks/after-moving-on-from-domestic-violence-case-seahawks-frank-clark-takes-a-big-step-back/ https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/university-michigan/2014/11/17/frank-clark-michigan-football/19157491/ https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/hotel-clerk-says-frank-clark-threatened-her-admitted-hitting-girlfriend/ "He explained how he now tries to take responsibility for all his actions -- including a 2012 felony arrest after he was accused of stealing a laptop on Michigan's campus." This is a PATTERN of being a KNUCKLEHEAD......... VERY MUCH HARD PASS He is NOT a CB kinda guy (IMHO)
  22. Colts were "interested" in Bell too according to a lot of sources.
  23. https://www.rotoworld.com/article/numbers/nfl-draft-analytics-def Interesting article.
  24. I'm not an advocate of trading for him but according to the Seattle media, what you mentioned above is exactly what he has done his whole pro career. Ed Dodds would know better than anyone I suppose.
  25. Yeah I am late to the party, way to fly the flag Hozer. Big 2-1 win today over the D-Backs. Brewers and Pirates both loss too. So we are just 2.5 games out of 1st place in the NL Central and 10-10 through 20 games. I will take it for now
  26. You realize the difference between pick 26 and 34 is 8 spots right? That’s not a lot. You’re not going to get a significantly better player at 26 than you would at 34. The skill set will be around the same. That’s why the guys you see mocked from picks 25-32 you sometimes see in the 2nd round and vice versa. I think Ballard just recently said there’s maybe 14 blue chip talents in this draft. 26 is basically an early 2nd round pick.
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