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Good Article on Colts DC Gus Bradley


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I have a feeling if Bradley can't make his scheme work in Indy it's just passé - the NFL moved on and know how to beat it. I, of course, hope that isn't the case and we'll get the next Legion of Boom or something close to it, but Bradley has something to prove in my opinion.

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If Gus can work his magic with the (on paper) improved rush and better coverage, we should be able to get a few more opportunities for Matt and the offense.  Looking forward to a return to the playoffs and a deep un this year.


Is it training camp time yet???  haha

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44 minutes ago, TaylorTheStudMuffin said:

I am excited. Although statistically we were good with Eberflus we never could come up with the important stops when needed. I am glad we won’t see that ten yard cushion again.

I'm worried about getting gashed in the run game.

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If Bradley can get the Defense off the field on 3rd down more frequently it will be a welcome change. Sure liked what he did with the Raiders as far as pressuring the QB.

Something that has been far too agonizing to watch as a Colts fan the last couple of years.


Prior to joining the Raiders Bradley was asked about being predictable:

“I think the basis is a lot of Cover-3. But I think it’s evolved since Seattle,” Bradley said. “When we went to Jacksonville there was things we incorporated. Once we went to the Chargers too. So, I think it’s more multiple than maybe the Seattle days. But it really revolves around looking at the personnel that we have and putting guys in position to where they can make a lot of play. Positioning them where they have the ability to make plays. That’s the task that we’ll look at in the next month or so.”

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