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HBO will feature Falcons


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Falcons? Really HBO? Is that the best you could do?

Here's a novel idea: Select a relevant NFL franchise or an up & coming franchise anyway...Matt Ryan is a solid QB, but once he gets into the Playoffs he folds like a portable picnic chair. Michael Turner is a good RB, but this team can't figure out it's own identity. Are they a running team or passing team? Tony Gonzalez is a H.O.F. TE of course.

Is HBO hoping that former Arkansas Razorbacks Head Coach Bobby Petrino will drop by for a visit? Maybe owner Arther Blank could watch Petrino beg & grovel for a job now...HA! HA! Just Kidding!!! Now, that I would definitely watch. Not the season, just that episode alone. As T.O. says, "Get your popcorn ready!!!"

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I would have liked to see Detroit.

No matter what team you get it might be hard for them to match the Jets HardKnocks episodes. I don't care for the Jets but it might have been the best HardKnocks to date to watch.

Who knows. Matt Ryan may be more interesting than he seems to be during any other interview. I like the guy and I think he has talent but for a reality show he might be too vanilla. Jeff Probst would snuff his torch pretty quick.

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any owner who agrees to 'Hard Knox' should be arrested, convicted and executed for stupidity alone.

Woody Johnson said he wanted to and people are speculating that it's because all the attention in New York is focused on the Giants and their Super Bowl win while the Jets are an afterthought. He wants people to focus on his team (which is what no owner with a level head would want), so he was all for it.

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