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  1. Wow,  been eight years since I joined the forum.  Been 5 years it looks like since I last logged in or posted anything.   May start checking in every few days,  see what it is like now.   Can't see any listing anymore of friends that I had in forum,  if such a thing even exists anymore.  Left years ago,  got tired of the bickering and putting people down for their thoughts,  maybe things have gotten better in my absence.   Have a great weekend,  new season coming along soon we hope.  Everyone stays safe and healthy

    1. Nadine


      Welcome back!

      Can't say there isn't bickering but, if we agreed on everything then what would we 'discuss'


    2. DEColtsLover36


      Hi! As a person who just joined the forum last year I can say that unfortunately, many people do still put others down for their thoughts. However you can always find a few positive posters who welcome healthy conversation whether we agree or disagree. Hope you stay safe and healthy as well, go Colts!

    3. NFLfan


      Welcome back! I have been here six years. I believe the bickering is not as bad as it used to be. 


      As for your friends list, the site was changed a few years ago. We had to "follow" those who were on our friends lists. Some of your friends are probably still posting comments. Some of those that were most active on the forum are no longer posting. The most popular, BrentMc11, and his wife RadioGirl have not been on the forum in a while. Another very popular one, @southwest1, comes every now and then but I have not seen him in several months. Many of the members who signed up since you left are great and contribute a lot of value to the forum.


      Hope to see you posting comments again. 

  2. great to see a power move being made. Only moving back a few spots but plenty of possible good pics if wise in the second round. Have never been a big fan of Spending Sprees in free agency, just never seem to get the bang for the big bucks. I like this approach much better. Special hi to all my old friend if they are still here, first time signing into here and reading anything in almost a year. Took awhile to get into the board, lots of changes. Hope everyone is well, looking forward to the new season
  3. Dropped out of all leagues this year, just feel burnt out. my spot open to whoever wants it.
  4. Wow,  too many changes,  can't even navigate or find what I want.  Took 10 minutes to find this access.   Gone and out of here


  5. so what is Curtis Painter doing at this point in time? Bring Jeff George out of retirement. or how about big Brett Farve
  6. Imagine it woud be a first in the NFL history, every coach in a particular division all fired in the same year. AFC South????

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    2. Coltman51


      I don't think so as I don't expect Houston would at this time, just the state and performance of this whole division raises the possibility.

    3. southwest1


      True fellas. It's strange to see every team under performing in the AFC South to be kind. Very bizarre indeed!

    4. Coltsman1788


      It appears we have sunk to the level of the rest of our division instead of having them rise up to meet us.

  7. Imagine that would be a first and record in the NFL, every Coach in a division fired in the same year.
  8. I am not proposing this. The performance of the team and organization has certainly not been up to expectations. Sorry for the understatement fans. This just popped into my head, didn't know if he was still around, pulled up the list of staff and Chudzinski is still on the payroll. With all the talk about Pagano on the way out, anyone thing this might be an interim move? Haven't really heard his name mentioned since he was brought on board last year.
  9. I am obviously in the minority here or just too stupid to see the need for this proposal. 1. We have only lost 1 game, not the season. Didn't start out great last year either. 2 I didn't see any of the Coaches, Gm, or Owners out on the field yesterday missing blocks, missing catches, overthrowing passes, missing tackles, fumbling the ball. Seems to me this loss and problems are on the players. they are all better than this and surely had an off day. ; Hopefully a wake up call to them to get their s___ together.
  10. Thank you both for joining us and good luck on the season. Don't forget that the games start tonight so don't miss doing your pick for the Patriots-Steelers game.
  11. Shouldn't start a thread with Davis traded, freaked me out for a heartbeat
  12. I have a 3' one on the floor of the shallow end of my pool, but raining and not going out to take pic of it now
  13. Looking forward to seeing the new guys on the field today. TY didn't go to Philly for personal reasons, probably still trying to get all his new money to the bank. Glad they got him signed

    1. BrentMc11


      I agree. It is time for the youngsters to show their stuff...and Adongo finally hits the field.

    2. Coltman51


      Have to pull out my scorecard, figure out all the names/numbers

  14. Looking forward to seeing the new guys on the field today. TY didn't go to Philly for personal reasons, probably still trying to get all his new money to the bank. Glad they got him signed

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