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    Rooting for the Colts (DUH) I also enjoy gardening and taking my Basset Hound (Lexie) for a walk everyday.
  1. well ... they don't want to get caught doing it. name is Kiwiz Koltz.. since 2003 and never changed.
  2. What about someone that is attending the game pick me up and mail me 4 to 6 souvenir cups... can I ask that... well I just did... but is it okay? if so, anyone able to help me?
  3. Defensive Player of the Year will depend on which guy ends up with the Sack record... J.J. Watt or Aldon Smith
  4. Merry Christmas... I hope my Andrew Luck jersey gets delivered from the big guy!!! My 11 year old is getting one but I don't know if I am.....
  5. Lavonte David - LB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  6. LaRon Landry is a beast and is no doubt one of the biggest SOLID safeties in the league. http://www.totalprosports.com/2012/02/24/laron-landry-muscles-photo/ When this guy hits you, I am sure you feel it from the top of your head to the tip of your toes.
  7. I wish the guys in my league would actually trade.. I have Fitz, Julio Jones, Dwayne Bowe and VJax and I can't get anyone to bite in a PPR league to help me upgrade my RB situation. Thank for sharing the link... I used it the other day from their site and I should have shared it but I am worried about starting new threads.
  8. if you have the open spot go ahead and do it.
  9. Why would you want Celek if you have Vernon Davis? I would counter for a mid level WR or something else. You can always pick up another TE for a bye week fill-in. If I couldn't get another positional player other than TE I would decline it and roll with Romo.
  10. Doug Martin is a no brainer.... he is a talent and I wished that the Colts would have drafted him but it wasn't meant to be. Tough choice on the other two... Thomas - it isn't 2009 anymore when all the draft books had him a top 10 RB going into the season. Yes he will be facing Washington but how many touches will he get with Sproles and Ingram in the game. I would have to bench him in favor of... Benson - yes he hasn't had much time with the team, and yes he is getting a little older but he is the #1 option in Green Bay. With a stingy San Fransicso defense he may not rack up a lot of yards bu
  11. I like Sproles but I am scared of how much he will be spelled for Ingram or any other back inNew Orleans. It seems that New Orleans, Washington and New England have the most hard to start RB's than any other team in the NFL. If it was me I would go with Jackson and hope that he does what he did last year. Fred Jackson has outstanding talent and I wondered why Buffalo even drafted C. J. Spiller when they had him on the team. If he stays healthy he is my choice but keep Sproles for BYE week and injury week fill-ins. Of course if he plays well (Sproles) you always have trade bait.
  12. I am a Bowe owner but I am in a PPR league and I would and am happy with running Bowe over Jennings. But since you are standard scoring I would run with Jennings and be happy with the choice. I think the coaching staff is sending a message and the only way MJD will get in the game is if the three or four in front of him go down. But next week all bets are off.
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