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  1. they rushed wentz back, and in the rain, plus too many injuries for the eagles, i think we will easily win this one...i hope
  2. anyone else hear that Nelson is a LT and would have played there if not for the older lineman ND had?
  3. This would be a great Grigson signing, thank God Ballard seems to be having more sense than that Sent from my XT1254 *
  4. id rather spend 12mill on a good player than 12 on 3 or 4 backup quality over the hill guys that dont pan out.....again
  5. seen alot of mocks with us taking this guy, all the writeups about him sound great, but i dont follow college that closely, thoughts?
  6. win all, sweep the playoffs, win the superbowl, its that simple
  7. Was an Edgerrin James fan coming out of college and into his rookie year, stuck with the colts ever since
  8. i agree but those are the rumors... http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2672565-insider-buzz-sea-min-ind-all-expected-to-be-players-in-nfl-trade-deadline
  9. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000717176/article/patriots-waive-former-cardinals-guard-jonathan-cooper?campaign=fb-nf-sf38357353-sf38357353
  10. agree completely, i also personally would have drafted kendricks in the frst rd in 2015 over dorsett
  11. Green, i didnt know much about him early on, but recebtly i heard about him shooting up draft boards fast, and also saw how excited our staff was to get him, so he must be something special, we'll just have to wait and see
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