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  1. 1. If we trade with Denver they come up to the 18th we go back to the 31st and also get there 5th round or a 4th and we take Darian Thompson that the Colts really like with the 31st  

    • Yes sounds like a great idea
    • No don't post stupid stuff like this
    • Yes you should be the GM
    • No keep the 18th draft a Unicorn before we trade back for a Safety

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13 minutes ago, stitches said:

No. That's horrible value. If we trade back to 31 we need their second round pick + a 5th or a 6th.


I'd even say their 1st, 2nd, and 4th. Plus Thompson isn't worth a 1st round pick. He is a 2-3 round prospect.

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I like your poll options. I voted No, don't post stupid stuff like this, and laughed out loud while I did it.


That's a bad trade -- not enough value, if Denver wants #18, they have to pay a lot more than that. And Thompson at #31 is a bad pick. I like Thompson, but he's a late second rounder, IMO.

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I wouldn't be happy with that trade at all. I'm no trade Guru but I'm thinking for a trade down that large in the first round we'd be due at least a 3rd round pick if not a 2nd.


I'm not really a fan of the pick either. I'm thinking Karl joseph would have a shot at being there at #31 and he is my big want this year.


I also doubt the Broncos will trade up with us. Paxton is likely gone by #18 in my eyes. The Browns, Saints, Bears, 9ers, even the Dolphins could pick him.


A better bet is someone trading up for a prospect who has fallen *Cough cough* Myles *Cough cough*

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