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  1. Only draft beer tonight though cause it's the draft lol get it draft beer during the draft
  2. I actually did like Morris over Tolzien in the preseason Morris just brings a flair that i liked
  3. With Luck being hurt I really don't trust Tolzien at all, if he plays I really think we will loose. So I think we need to go and pick up Johnny Manziel. We would get tons of benefits from it, the media would actually cover us and like us for one plus we would get the best free agent QB out there right now and IMO the best QB drafted in the last 6 years.
  4. T.Y looks a little different these days lol, nice one NFL Network. http://www.nfl.com/
  5. I have been impressed in fact, he has made some amazing catches.
  6. I'm in the middle of class and read this lol burst out laughing
  7. Behind a soon to be 33 Frank Gore who do we have? No one really I think we need to get something at least someone to compete for that number 2 spot.
  8. If we trade with Denver they come up to the 18th we go back to the 31st and also get there 5th round or a 4th and we take Darian Thompson that the Colts really like with the 31st
  9. Is it like a press conference? Or just via social media
  10. I also edited original post and linked a video
  11. I thought even with out showing signs they take people out
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