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  1. I pick Morris from this standpoint he is more fluid can intermediate and throw deep with accuracy and still has mobility to elude the rush..Tolzien if we had a great defense could be a game manager but playing from behind he will limit us quite a bit I think Morris runs a good two minute offense and also has the ability to push the ball whether we are up or down
  2. He is meeting with police Monday so it won't b cleared until at least then he is going undrafted
  3. Geathers is just like Peppers I'm not sure we need two of the same player
  4. I agree Takk is a one trick pony IMO Harris has the traits of a game changing pass rusher
  5. This years class is loaded with talent there will be better than Charlton still available
  6. He just played everyone got everyone tuned in and left them hanging
  7. Well the show ends in 40 minutes so we will know bye then
  8. This would be a pretty good draft especially in your top 4 rounds
  9. No way Berry gets free Poe for me he is up and down I would trust Ballard on that one
  10. This Edge Rush class is deep this year no reason for us to not get a playmaker here I love Barnett because he is so good against the run not sure he will be there for us tho
  11. I'm a big believer in building through the draft and resigning your own However if you want to be competitive this year he will have to sign two or three players just way to many holes
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