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Should Kyle Orton Come to Indy? [Merge]


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I would like that, maybe a 5th-6th round pick in a guy like Aaron Corp or Kellen Moore. Anyways, this is a Kyle Orton thread, so if you want to further discuss this, make a thread about it in the NFL Draft section, cause it's not a bad scenario.

Just did, so that we can discuss late round QB candidates as well. Given how deep the 2012 QB class is, a 6th round QB may be decent value if he has upside.

Plus, given how Matt Schaub, Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, Kevin Kolb, Sam Bradford, Chad Henne have all missed or going to miss games and guys like Hasselback, Romo etc. playing banged up, I bet a LOT of teams are going to re-evaluate their backup QB situation as well. So, we might be wise to stay ahead of the game.

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Again though..Andy

why is it either or??

Taking your assumption (from your lips to God's (or Tim Tebow's) ears that Manning will return to 2010 form...

I would not choose Luck but if Indy does....he'll be the future//

Orton..would be the back up in all scenarios: Manning starting. Luck starting. No Manning or Luck.

Lets face it Curtis Painter will not be with the Colts next year..

he's shown he cannot be an NFL Backup QB and win a game. Dan Orlovsky is just happy to be here.

We need 2 new QBs..

They're are countless QBs this year that are rookies and starting, some of which were not drafting in the first round. Andy Dalton is playing well, and he isnt a first round pick. Newton is starting right now and doing well. Luck would not be starting, he would be backing up and the odds of Manning getting injured aren't very likely. Yes he had surgery, but everything would have fused and he would feel fine. Do you really want to spend a lot of money on Kyle Orton just to backup and then to backup Luck? When Luck starts starting, Orton would be thinking about retirement, and I would expect that he would like to play instead of backing up for the next several years. objectivecoltsfan made a good point, what good would we get from it, a backup that would not be used that much. You keep assuming that PM isn't coming back, but odds are he is. If Manning doesn't return, I would rather have Luck to be honest, as Orton doesn't fit the scheme well, has no mobility and will get killed with this line. He is also a terrible field reader, and Luck is surprisingly a good one.

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Here's a gift....Denver released Kyle Orton and did us a favor..

Sign him to a contract for the rest of this year and next (once he clears waivers)

Not only is he better than what we have now..

He is a solid No.1 or No. 2 next year defending on what we need.

This could free us from the Andrew Luck decsion..and we can spend all our choices on 'D;'

Or...he could be No.3 if we end up with a healthly Manning and Luck..

MAYBE he would be an acceptable backup, if the price was right and he was willing to accept the role. Regarding the rest of the thought process:

You don't actively seek out and spend millions to secure below average quarterbacks like Orton, unless your goal is to be below average. The thought that if everything goes wrong we might not go 0-16 next year with Orton on board does nothing for me. Frankly (just like with the Collins situation this year) I would RATHER go 0-16 - accelerating the rebuilding process - than be stuck in limbo.

Orton has lost battles with Rex Grossman, Brian Griese, Jay Cutler, and Tim Tebow (I'm probably missing a few) in the process of being dumped by two different teams. I wouldn't want any of THOSE players anywhere near the Colts, much less the guy that they were all deemed superior to.

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again..you sign him for this year AND next year.....so we dont have to go 0-16 next season, too

That's not how it works. If a team picks him up via waivers, they get his current contract. it's not like Colts have any way of making him a better offer than the bears on the waiver wire. Now if he clears waivers, he can pick one team over another.

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For starters I am not sure we have money for him and two what would be the point? This team isn't going to the playoffs even if we win out the most we could win is six games while the Texans already have 7 wins so we are completely dead on that front not to mention he would have to lern the system and remember how bad Collins looked at the start of the season when he didn't know the system. So he's not the short term answer and he's not the long term answer either, he's clearly not better than Manning and I really doubt he is going to be better than one of the rookie QBs we can get in the draft if Manning can't play. I don't really see how he would be a good fit here of why we would even be a team he would be interested in.

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Please re-read the part about signing him for this season AND next year..

the Bears wont give him that

It doesn't matter, he's not a free agent yet and he won't be this year.

He's going to waivers because despite being a vet with 4+ years, everyone cut after the trade deadline goes to waivers. That means one of two things happens; 1) someone (or more than one) puts a claim in for him or 2) he becomes a free agent and can sign wherever.

If #1 happens, they assume the remainder of his contract (absent guaranteed payments already made).

So if the Bears want him, they will claim him. If we want him, we will also have to put in a claim. That means he will never get a choice as a free agent where to sign, so it doesn't matter who is offering what.

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Orton is a starting QB. If he comes to Indy, it will be for back up money and a 4 game contract. Neither of which makes sense.


The only reason to do it would be to make the Bear's pony up a draft pick or something,if they could even do that.If this wasn't the year of the college QB,and we are getting the 1 pick,then it would be a great idea for backup insurance .
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The only reason to do it would be to make the Bear's pony up a draft pick or something,if they could even do that.If this wasn't the year of the college QB,and we are getting the 1 pick,then it would be a great idea for backup insurance .

That would be pretty dishonorable, but funny.

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