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  1. You'd be surprised how many posters on this board don't understand this. It's unbelievable.
  2. Yeah that's what I was thinking, it would have played out differently if he made it.
  3. I think House said it best in the other thread something along the lines of, Lucks biggest problem is that he isn't Peyton. You have a lot of fans who became Colts fans through the Peyton era (nothing wrong with that) and expect Luck to come in and replicate his success. They don't realize that he is a rookie surrounded by other rookie or 1st year players in this new system and it's a collective learning process. Let me tell you something. Yes it's an apples to oranges comparison but if people are this upset with Luck's #'s and the Colts performance through 6 weeks, imagine what the board wou
  4. In the Jags game remember that FG that Vinateri missed? It was a 36 yarder in the 4th quarter. Now keep that in mind for a second. Near the end of the game the Colts had the ball on Jax 26 on the last 3 or 4 downs (i forget) and the score was 22-17 at that point. Had Vinateri made that 36 FG earlier, it would have been 23-20 (Jax would not go for 2 pts so it would be 23 instead of 22 since they failed the conversion) and the Colts could have kicked the FG there and it would have tied 23-23 likely. The scenario is actually really complicated because had Vinateri made the 36 yarder, maybe the J
  5. Reading all the threads, apparently Luck
  6. Played great today. Was he on benjamin the whole time? only 33 yards
  7. Lets just ignore they were the #2 pass defense last year...with Joe Haden in his 2nd game back.
  8. While not entirely his fault he does deserve some of the blame. The red zone int yesterday for example. Just needed to throw it higher. He's a rookie and is probably going to throw another 10 or 15 picks so don't fret. It's all a learning experience. Right now he's on place to obliterate a couple of records.
  9. Agreed, the NFC is stacked. As long as the Pats have Brady, they have a shot. All they need to do is get in and Brady can work his magic.
  10. Matt Schaub showing why he was Vick's backup.
  11. Then why don't all QB's throw 70 yard bombs on their pro days?
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