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  1. Update 2: Spent the day emailing back and forth with my rep. Came to a mutually agreeable resolution. Thanks to my rep and the ticket sales group for working this issue out.
  2. Update: called my ticket rep. In March, we decided to not purchase our extra ticket this year and only keep our block of 4 tickets that we've had for years. We called our rep to get the invoice changed to just the four tickets to get it paid, which we did. However, the extra ticket never got removed from the account (even though we explained we didn't want it) and just got split into another invoice, which left the account only partially paid, which meant we never got any upgrade notices sent out since the account had to be fully paid to upgrade. With last season being a down year, this was probably our best opportunity in a little while to get better seats, too. With ~10 years seniority, we probably had some good opportunities...:( Bummer.
  3. I'm sure they did because I find the one's from 2014 and 2015, I just didn't get one.
  4. Went back through every email and nothing. How did you guys get your notice?
  5. Well darn. Not sure how I missed that. Bummer.
  6. I saw that they will be opening up seats for purchase to the general public later this month, but have not yet seen where existing STH can relocate their seats, which typically happens first. Can anyone shed any light on this? Has anyone heard anything?
  7. I don't know what would be worse, a multi-year deal or having to do this next year.
  8. The only reason Belichick the GM still has a job is that Belichick the coach keeps winning despite him. Belichick the GM is average at best. Maybe.
  9. The first thing that should be done is eliminate anyone who has been out of the NFL for 2 years or more.
  10. Got Vontae Davis for a 2nd round pick. Signed Pro Bowler Mike Adams off the discard pile. Drafted Henry Anderson and David Parry in mid rounds of the draft. Got Darius Butler for a song at NB. Brought in Langford and Lowery at a salary below their current levels of performance. But sure, let's blame Grigson because Toler is overpaid and Cole hasn't worked out; batting 1.000 is the standard around here.
  11. Gotta watch out for those slow building kidney lacerations.
  12. Parry's no Malcolm Brown. Fire Grigson.
  13. They're not going to make Hasselbeck take every rep in practice this week.
  14. If you're relying on autocorrect to have "grigs" in it, the fail is probably yours.
  15. Luck would be franchise tagged at a 20% increase every year for the rest of his career, if needed.
  16. Andre Johnson's record as a professional football player in Indianapolis is 0-13.
  17. Our O-Line it's bad, but it's not getting better at this point. When your O-Line can give your QB only 3 seconds, your game plan shouldn't be full of 4+ second WR routes. How about a screen? 5 yard underneath cross? You know it's clear because the LBs are all in the backfield. Gameplanning is terrible.
  18. If the Colts want Pagano back, he'll be back. If they don't he won't. It's not like Pagano is going to have offers lined up out the door for other HC gigs; he's not, even if he wins the SB. This will be his only chance to HC in 2016.
  19. He's the guy the Saints cut because he kept beating women. Allegedly.
  20. Even if you don't go to a game, you should spend a few hundred on a single season ticket through the organization just to be a season ticket holder, which gives you the option to buy additional seats before waitlist people.
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