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Colts @ Patriots AFC Divisional Playoff Game Night Thread


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OH MIGHTY FOOTBALL GODS!  Please do not let T.Y. be grievously injured!  Bless his bones, muscles, and knees that he may leap, catch a wet ball and land on his nimble feet and continue towards the goal in the promise of making a glorious TD for his Team, and for us, the humble fans who bleed blue and wish for a night at the Big Dance AMEN!

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    • I would say off the ball linebackers are more so a need then RBs
    • dreaming or trolling ????????
    • The thing I worried the most with Levis was that DESPITE having worked with two NFL OCs, he looked raw with some of his decision-making and fundamentals.    For whatever it's worth Greg Cosell is saying he's talked to some of Kentucky's coaches and they are saying they had to scrap a lot of what they worked on with Levis in the off-season because of his injury and what we saw is a very limited version of their offense because Levis couldn't move a ton for most of the season(doctors supposedly recommended he sits, but he didn't want to). BTW some of us here caught on to that when looking at his film. For example, in the beginning of the season Levis was taking snaps under center in 35%+ of their snaps. By the end of the year he was taking 100% from shotgun.    Cosell is also saying he's got some info from scouts that in the off-season when the NFL scouts were making their rounds on college campuses, he looked phenomenal and many thought he might end up no. 1 pick in the draft. Take it for whatever it is worth    I personally thought Levis had some high level traits and IMO his tape, especially in the context of his injury was better than where he got drafted. To me it seemed like he rubbed people the wrong way in interviews... With all that being said, those are young players and performance in first  OTAs is likely not very predictive about what they are going to be in their careers. Of course, positive reports are better than negative reports, but I would take all this with a bucket of salt. To me the more important reports are those coming from the coaching staff about how they are handling themselves, how they are handling the playbook, etc. and this is where Richardson's reports so far are very positive in my books. It seems like the Colts want him to start week 1 and they are throwing everything at him to see what he can handle and so far so good... It seems like he's doing well and checking all the boxes he needs to check in order to start week 1.... so far.    BTW according to reports Richardson and Bryce are the only rookie QBs splitting 1st team reps. Stroud is reportedly running with the 2s and Levis is playing with the 2s and 3s.
    • I concluded I wanted Stroud or Richardson. I just think it's crazy how quick some of these reporters and YouTubers are to jump on the guys(Levi's) every mistake. Now I did see some early reporting saying he started off good, but anything that looks bad it seems they are all over it. Oh well I'm glad we have who we picked!
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