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    • Monachino was DC for 2 years. Manusky was fired after 2015.   
    • Pretty sure I've watched the same tape. And that was Landry's rook year too. But yes, there is tons of tape out there showing Fisher on skates pre-injury.  Add in the injury/recovery on top of that, and it's just something that should give anyone pause.   I watched a decent amount of tape of Leno back when things were going down. Not going to act like he was All-Pro LT in every rep I watched, but he was as good or better than Fisher in most aspects (and was good on bad OL), and he did not have the early availability or recovery concerns that Fisher had.    Like I've said before, I think Ballard was blinded a bit by familiarity with Fisher. I'm going to bet though that he learned from the situation. We'll see if we re-sign...    I'm just not sure what's going on with Kelly. Like you said, he knows what to do. Not sure how much the early injury (elbow) impacted him, but he seemed to look a little suspect last year too. He's not bad by any means. Just not himself, not what we expected, and not performing at the level of pay. Pinter performing like a stud sure does make it interesting. I've always really liked Kelly, but didn't care the money we threw at him. Gonna be interesting.   Overall, I think we're going to have to make some "cost" moves given the amount of FAs we have at key positions, the cap situation, etc.. Pinter and Pryor are nice guys to have as depth, but both made strong arguments for larger roles, and would definitely help the cost aspects. 
    • Kwity Paye just made All Pro as a rookie DE....
    • The reason is injuries.    Fisher, Nelson and Kelly all missed 90-100 of camp.   And as soon as they got back, Smith went out.      Kelly played hurt the entire year.  Nelson went from a broken bone in his foot to a high ankle sprain, the worst sprain.   And Fisher, normally a solid LT,  simply didn’t return to full strength in time.   Sucks for us.  But that doesn’t mean he won’t be better next year.  But for which team?    I believe Strausser is VERY highly regarded. 
    • Tons of owners are active, some more than others. And most owners do become more involved when there are bad trends or big dollar decisions. Even Ballard has said he at minimum gives Jim a weekly readout. We also know that Jim is involved in big decision like QB, and other big acquisitions (like Defo).    Overall, an owner being active isn't meddling. It's his team. It's a business. I've ran businesses for owners, and there's always various levels of involvement. I think your construct of what team management should look like, is probably less reality than you think. And let's not forget, Jim was the team's GM for years. It's fair to point out that he probably wasn't great at it, but he's not some clueless owner (like some) that doesn't know the game.    
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