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Where Is Kevin Thomas?


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From what ive seen from our corners I dont see why hes not afforded an opportunity to play. Can it get any worse than Lacey and the peanut gallery? :rules: . If hes not injured he should be on the field so we can measure how good he is. We can pick up any Tom, Dick and Harry off the street to start at corner and they would be better than what we have.

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i'd like to see Thomas and Rucker

Rucker has been playing horribly. I know he's a rookie, but even then he shouldn't be playing so much. He provides depth... at best. He should only come in the game if someone is injured.

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how is going to get experience if he doesn't get on the field? Lacey has been playing terrible all season and he starts, Don't get me wrong i wasn't excited about drafting Rucker, i wanted a CB in the draft though. He's who polian wanted though so let's see if he can improve.

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