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  1. I just wanted to see him stick around and become the second coming of the "Mad Stork."
  2. Like most people, I am reluctant to grade this draft for at least a couple of years. Without any NFL games under their belt, this year's class looks like a solid B, but that is like a high school teacher saying, "This student looks like a B student when he or she has only completed the 6th grade.
  3. I think it is fascinating that the Chargers are willing to let Vasquez walk and are also listed as a team that is going to pursue Levitre vigorously. Chargers are a man blocking scheme, yet they would rather spend money on Levitre than keep Vasquez.
  4. I have read a bunch of evaluations regarding OL free agents and Vasquez does not get anywhere near the positive evaluations that Levitre. Levitre is clearly a better player. Scheme has something to do with a player's success, but talent wins out in the end.
  5. I agree with the free agency part. Based on his comments at the Combine, I think Grigs looks to solve our O line in free agency and will go defense, most likely corner, in the first round.
  6. Not too bad. I like Trufant, Collins and Slay if he is still there in the 4th. Beyond that it is a crap shoot. Based on what Grigson said at the Combine, I look for him to solidify the O-line with 2 free agent pick-up of true starter caliber players and I think he will also look at Goldson at safety or Reed.
  7. This is one key reason that Levitre is more highly rated on every evaluation of free agents that I have read.
  8. Levitre is rated 9th and Vasques is rated 69th best free agent.
  9. I just went through the evaluations of the top 85 free agents on nfl.com as posted by Gregg Rosenthal. We have money and need, but don't want to break the bank just to spend money. I like the way Rosenthal has broken down the list and the question I am asking is should we pursue 2-3 impact starters with a couple of other guys that Grigson can dig out of the fringes or go after 4-5 solid starters? I would prefer 2-3 impact players with Grigson's talent for finding good talent everyone else overlooks. The three I would most like to see targeted would be: Andy Levitre -guard - rated 9th of the top 85 Dashon Goldson - safety - rated 15th Randy Starks - DL - rated 18th
  10. I am not sure what to think about him. He obviously has the physical tools to become the next J.J. Watt, but I am not sure he has the motor.
  11. May be concussion free, but still spent his rookie year on IR.
  12. Buffalo, but not Byrd, Andy Levitre. I would rather use free agency to fix the holes in our OL than defense.
  13. Priorities for free agency for me would be either Levitre or Vasquez to upgrade our guard play, Byrd or Goldson at Safety. If we could get two of those four, plus Kruger we would be much stronger next year and I believe that we could fit those under our significantly improved cap situation.
  14. My screen name says who I enjoyed watching more than any other receiver and I believe that Marvin would have officially retired a Colt if not for the injury, which he got blocking down field. That said, I think when all is said and done, Reggie will have more catches and yards than Marvin. I can not think of a tandem of receivers I would rather have and that includes Rice/Taylor.
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