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  1. i think we match up better against the ravens......
  2. i would much rather take a one year deal very cap friendly deal with nicks........because if we are going to over pay for a player i would rather it be someone on the offensive or defensive lines.......it is our biggest weakness right now.....
  3. after read all your posts on this topic i have to ask. Are you deckers agent?
  4. i like the combo of reggie, T.Y., and whalen in the slot......
  5. blitzes and coverage alone won't get it done. you have to be unpredictable. manning thrives off of knowing what you like to do in certain situations........execution is key.....give him formations etc that we have not used yet....blitzing him in situations where we would not normally blitz and with payers who would not normally blitz is our only chance of getting him to make mistakes.....and making sure our guys know not to pay attention or read anything into his pre-snap rituals.......and execution execution execution.....that will get the job done....
  6. they are getting hank baskett so landry has someone to hit in practice lol
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