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  2. I am a huge fan. Love the first 3 picks. Still not 100% sure on butler I need to sit a watch him but I like tillery and Amani
  3. I dont think Chris Ballard, of all we know of him, is going to take Jacobs with the #26 or #34 pick. I cant understand how Jacobs could go in the top 30, there are very few fits and he is not that good. Remember Dalvin Cook went in the middle of the second round and he was a vastly superior running back prospect. If Jacobs is there at #59 he could be on Ballard's mind but still I don't see Ballard drafting a RB that early. D-line, OT, WR, and DB's are the position groups we will be picking from early in the draft. And there is a good amount of talent that should be available at DT, WR and S between #34 and #59.
  4. To the bolded, the only place it matters is on Ballard's board and we have no idea who or what position is there. That is a statement made based on the ratings of the Mel Kiper's of the world and there could not be a more meaningless ranking. I was listening to Brady Quinn yesterday on NFL radio and he said a former colleague of his (and an "NFL guru" got no picks right in round 1 of his mock last year. No clue who he was speaking about but it illustrates how far off they can be.
  5. I don’t believe I ever even tried to sell a seat in the Manning era, not because of money or anything but my kids were small then and didn’t quite have the many activities that I now have to schedule around. Back in those days, I Tailored my work schedule around football season and still had time to spend with my kids. Now, I have to schedule my work around my kids activities, which I highly enjoy, and something had to give and that was the Colts games, it wasn’t over the price of tickets. I’d still have them if I thought I could make 6 of the 8 home games but I doubt I’d have time to make 2 a year so the offset of not being able to put colt fans in those seats at a break even cost at minimum isn’t worth the expenditure. I hope for your sake, the team gets righted this season and the demand is there to at least get you to a break even for the games you can’t make.
  6. I disagree. Safety is a genuine need and a key position in the modern NFL. Playing 3 safeties rather than 3 linebackers is very common anymore. And Geathers is a crap shoot when it comes to his health. The Colts need some new blood there. I expect a safety to be picked in Day 2.
  7. I think drafting Jacobs could easily happen. Don't forget he is a top 15 player by many experts that would fall to 26. That might be a value Ballard might find hard to pass up. But I think the Raiders or Eagles could grab him like you said. If Ballard passes on him at 26 and the Raiders don't take him at 27 there is probably a good chance he could fall to 34 and Ballard could get his 2nd. chance. Also there are no safeties rated higher than Jacobs I believe. They have been open about wanting to improve the run game so anything can happen I guess.
  8. Brady Big Ben Brees Luck Rivers Ryan Goff Mahomes Aaron Rogers Stafford OK, maybe I'd rather have him than Stafford, but the point in that if he can demand 35 million a year it's not going to be long before a 50 million dollar QB is born..
  9. Ya I keep hoping that tickets will go back to how they were in the Manning era but it isn't looking great I will probably have to give up my tickets next year as much as I love them and being a part of the season ticket holder family.
  10. Yeah, I don't necessarily mean 26 only... it might be sometime in day 2. Oh well... I guess we will see soon enough.
  11. I like that Cain picked a number right next to Luck's. 11-12-13. Let's keep things tight knit.
  12. Trade up : Clelin Ferrill Stay put : Cody Ford Trade down : Dalton Risner
  13. We held tickets from 1996 through the 2017 season. We met some lifelong friends in the dome that still exists today. Both of us decided 2017 was the final year and we made nearly 95% of all those games. We attempted to sell some for the first time in 2016 and then again in 2017 and when we couldn’t even get 50% price on the bigger draw teams, and knowing now our kids schedules are really busy and take much more time to see them, we decided to drop, as did our friends. Luck is a great draw for many but he isn’t quite the draw for some reason that Manning was for some odd reason. Back in the high days, people who worshiped manning from Tennessee have helped prop those higher priced tickets up because they could travel easy from that region. Luck is from Texas and Stanford so their isn’t a regional following in my opinion. With all that, if Luck wins a Super Bowl with the team this season or next, I think ticket desire will become elevated with the Luke warm fans and ticket prices will increase on the secondary market.
  14. They also have talked about trenches and getting another safety. this pick can go anywhere
  15. If, and If we draft DT Lawrence, I hope I could get some kudos as I was first to open a thread on it. If we don’t select Lawrence, then I’m sure CB made an even better selection. Cough cough Rush DE Burns FSU.
  16. I hope so... but I've learned to listen to Ballard and now by extension to Reich. They don't seem to lie... as long as you just listen to them. They've been telling us improving the run game is a top priority. They have been having FA RB after FA RB visit us for workouts/talks... they've had pretty much all top RBs for visits/private workouts. Just listen to what they are telling us. This is either the most elaborate troll job to make the Raiders or Eagles pick him before us(thus get another prospect fall to us), or they truly are open to drafting a RB high, IMO.
  17. Today
  18. So they played basketball. Doesn't mean anything. If anything, their trolling the eagles and raiders who also seem interested in Jacobs
  19. God, I'm gonna hate this pick so much... And all Reich has been harping on is about how he would love to improve the run game. This is giving me the creeps.
  20. Assuming CB wont trade up / down: 1st: Lawrence / Wilkins 2nd: Abram / C Gardner-Johnson / Rapp / Darnell Savage Jr. 2 2nd: Deebo Samuel / Andy Isabella / J.J. Arcega-Whiteside 3rd: Benny Snell Jr. / Bryce Love OR depending who falls: 1st: Lawrence / Wilkins 2nd: A.J Brown / Kelvin Harmon / Marquise Brown 2 2nd: Abram / Rapp / Darnell Savage Jr. / Hooker 3rd: Tytus Howard / David Edwards Would love the haul and fills needs. Joseph
  21. Myles

    NFL Schedule

    You seem too confident. The Steelers have a knack for putting good quality teams on the field nearly every year. Brown could end up being an addition by subtraction thing. They also have a lot of draft picks. I haven't researched these signings, but it doesn't appear that this is the same team minus AB. Moncrief and Schuster are a pretty good WR duo. APRIL 04/09 Signed DL Casey Sayles to a one-year contract. 04/08 Signed free agent CB Kameron Kelly, free agent LB JT Jones and free agent DT Winston Craig to one-year contracts. 04/05 Signed free agent C J.C. Hassenauer and free agent DB Jack Tocho to one-year contracts. 04/01 Released S Morgan Burnett. MARCH 03/19 Signed LB Mark Barron to a two-year deal through the 2020 season. 03/15 Agreed to terms with DT Daniel McCullers on a two-year deal through the 2020 season. 03/14 Signed WR Eli Rogers to a new two-year deal through the 2020 season. 03/14 Signed WR Donte Moncrief to a two-year deal through the 2020 season. 03/14 Signed CB Steven Nelson to a three-year contract through the 2021 season. 03/13 Agreed to terms with P Jordan Berry and LB Anthony Chickillo on new two-year deals through the 2020 season. 03/13 Acquired a sixth-round draft selection (No. 207 overall) in the 2019 NFL Draft via trade with the Arizona Cardinals in exchange OT Marcus Gilbert. 03/13 Acquired a third- and fifth-round draft selection (No. 66 and 141 overall) in the 2019 NFL Draft via trade with the Oakland Raiders in exchange WR Antonio Brown.
  22. Castonzo and Doyle are prime needs to replace in the future. For now, they ballin....
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