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  2. Key word is rumor. Colts are predicted to win the South by a majority of jocks so I care about 2020 and nothing else.
  3. Lost a huge part from our Golden Years. RIP coach.
  4. When every player that played for him liked him that says a lot in what kind of person he was. Much respect as a coach and a man. RIP Mr. Mudd.
  5. I didn't choose the title. I kept it the same as the video.
  6. Where has been Ben Zobrist been. I know back in March he said he wasn't retiring. On the Cubs telecast they never talk about him either. He is still a Cub right?
  7. I don't know but he may have a problem with the language he uses when frustrated... Seems the umps sure got a short fuse on the guy. There must be a reason.
  8. Cubs are about to begin a 4 game series with the BrewCrew at Wrigley starting tomorrow. Should be interesting, I have to say the 12-3 start was unexpected but I think the players just got tired of Maddon. They love David Ross as manager. I will always be grateful to Maddon though because he got the Cubs a WS as manager.
  9. He always seems to get ejected on crap ejections. He also has gotten ejected cuz his masked plopped up and hit ump when he wasnt aiming at him
  10. Cubs win! Cubs 7 Indians 2. The Cubs now are a leagues best 12-3 on the season. Fly the flag Hozer.
  11. So sad! RIP to the best offensive line coach of all time.
  12. I'm sorry to say this isn't surprising considering his injuries and age. Even if he lived his quality of life wouldn't have been the same.
  13. Amen to what Jared said. RIP coach. Praying and sending condolences to his family.
  14. MVP just smashed one out, that hit the progressive covering lol. The announcers said that went 425 feet. I guess his wrist is fine . 5-1 Cubs to the bottom of the 6th.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Cubs up 4-0 heading to the bottom of 5th, Bote just drove in 2 more runs. Hopefully we can hold the lead.
  17. Rizzo is on fire tonight. Already a HR and a single. Would love to see El Mago knock one out right here.
  18. Didn't know a lot about him, but I know he did a lot for the Colts and Peyton loved him. RIP, and prayers that his friends and family can get through these tough times.
  19. We'll have less bust % thanks to the character traits our scouts show for players in the 2021 draft. Our issue will be watching the tape and trying to decide who is the best picks for us when play is limited this year. In general for the 2021 draft, there will be more "bust" picks than normal in the first round IMO, and especially in the first three rounds. A team like the Colts may use Brian Decker more than ever with the interview process, and I'm sure the senior bowl and combine is going to be a bigger factor than normal as well.
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