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  2. They def got us beat at wr. We have Hilton and a bunch of unknowns. Watson is better than Brissett to. We got them in oline
  3. He has, but not having a good defense and not being able to run well catches up eventually. You have to be able to milk the clock with big leads
  4. As I have aged I rarely let losses bother me as much or games give me stomach problems. I am already thinking about next weeks game though. That is a huge one!
  5. I think the Texans have more talent on offense than we do. I also think we have better coaching.. should be a fun one next week
  6. Houston still has NE and Baltimore I believe? So much football left, but I notice Watson seems to be given much more time behind the line.
  7. Just think if we beat the Texans next week we could be in that number two seed. The ravens lost to KC. Depends if the raiders win and Kansas City loses again.
  8. True, but this guy’s been lighting up the league and racking up wins in spite of the defense. These past two games are different than what we’re used to with him.
  9. The dark side of the force is a pathway to many abilities...
  10. We all do it. Agreed. And when you decide to be stupid at the end of a good first half, you lose...
  11. Takes more than one guy to win. Chiefs running game sucks to.
  12. You mean other than Belichick and the Patriots somehow defying entropy
  13. I do wonder if it will be overtuened more in the playoffs
  14. And he was arrested for that nonsense, just like Pacman. What's your point?
  15. That is the 1 million dollar question, who is the next great QB? I watch these college QB's now and I have no idea. Look at Fromm yesterday and most people love him but he has a pick 6 and Georgia loses. The draft is a crap shoot IMO. How good is Lawrence who won't come out until 2021? I am not even sold on him. That is why I am pro JB because we all knew Luck would be very good if not great, I have no idea about these college guys now. It is my opinion but Kelly isn't the answer either.
  16. Watching the Jets game and Sam Darnold is making this historically bad Jets offense look pretty darn decent. Was Falk just that bad or is Sam Darnold just a really good QB made to look average by a bad team?
  17. He's currently in his 5th year, he got the option granted this off-season, which shot his contract up to 14mil.
  18. I just want to know who the next Superstar QB is, and exactly how and when we can get him on the 53 man. And is he plug and play, or have to be planted, grown, and harvested? I want the best players we can get, but at all positions. I'd love to get a Wilson type in round 3. Or anything remote. I'd feel quite bad mortgaging a lot of draft picks to get a guy at the top, and then he didn't pan out. If JB7 improves to upper 1/3 tier of this NFL QB group, I'm on board for him next year too. If he languishes at #20 or below, then my support swings to see if a future replacement can be drafted to compete with C. Kelly to take over at some point. But I'm not ready to replace JB7 unless they Know the guy is taking over for good. Replace talent with better talent right then. Switching back after a mistake is not going to go well, nor keeping JB7 as backup longterm, I don't think. I'm going to support the GM/HC/ and QB, and any decisions/changes down the road too. This is an interesting season, for certain.
  19. Yeah Houston has earned my respect over the last few years. Watson is dangerous, I didn't think you guys would beat KC today because they rarely lose 2 in row at home. That was a heck of a win like our's was last week.
  20. HUMONGOUS contest at the Oil Drum next week. I’m looking forward to this. You guys give us the most trouble out of anyone in this division for sure
  21. Huge game next week us vs you guys as usual in another big one .
  22. Watching Mclaurin get two more TD today I wish we would of took him instead of Campbell. He was nfl ready and could of helped us immediately.
  23. Yep. Nothing’s ever set in stone in the NFL. Three cheers for parity
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